Our little bean

Let's rewind to end of October Early November 2012:
So you can imagine my suprise when I have cramps kinda like you're gonna have your monthly visitor and nothing happens for a week! So like any crazy lady wanting a baby I went out and bought a ton of pregnancy tests! Yep, you can image my reaction.

I continued to buy them and take them almost every 3 days until I got into the doctor to confirm the pregnancy. At five weeks they confirmed the pregnancy. My levels were wonderful and there was our little baby!

We were super excited! But a week later in week 6 I had a bleed and was put on bedrest. It really freaked us out. I went to the ER and they were able to locate the baby and the heart beat. But since week 6 I have been on light duty. Which has been hard but will all be worth it in the end! I went in weekly til week 8. Now I don't go back till the new year!


2012 In Review

Facebook has this new app that will show you your year in review so of course I did it. Which helped me remember what a great year 2012 was.

January 2012-May 2012 I was still working at the small private school teaching all subjects at a 5th grade level and finishing my graduate degree. I can officially say it was all worth it now.

End of May I graduated with my masters!! Tricia Embley, M. Ed. and accepted my dream job teaching at the elementary school I went to as a child in the neighborhood I grew up in. I am actually teaching in the room across from where I had 5th grade!

June- Key West and Bahamas Cruise to celebrate our big live changes Job and Masters. Trip To Illinois to see family.

July- Trip to Oregon! Nate's first trip to the West Coast! It was magical and we loved every minute of it.

August- October we started back at work and I summersed myself into work!! I love my new job!!

November- We found out we are expecting again!!! Due July 28, 2013!!

This year has been amazing and we can't wait to see what happens ahead!


Day one of the cruise

Cruise left Jacksonville and we had a day at the sea before we arrived in the keys! We were so happy to be cruising to the same destinations as the cruise we took when we got engaged 3 years ago. It was a blast and great to celebrate my masters and new job! Best way to start summer!



Well since I was last posted I have officially graduated with my Masters in Education. It was so worth the hard work.. I am so happy to be done with my certification and masters. In addition to my masters I am now standard license for teaching grades 4-8 in the state of Texas and I was hired to teach Language Arts and Social Studies at the school I went to as a child. Because my undergrad wasn't in education I had to go thru a program to be certified and it was stressful teaching, doing my masters and certification. It's a huge blessing that I finished all successfully!

I am beyond words excited about my new opportunity. I will be teaching 4th grade language/social studies and I will have a partner teacher I switch with. After working at my previous school (small private school as only 5th grade teacher) you can imagine the excitement to be teaching in a district with ample resources. In addition I will only teach two subjects versus all as my old position. I am so stoked about having a team to plan with. I also will have benefits of insurance and retirement which is a huge plus for our family financially. Overall it's a win win!!! Not to brag ;)!

I feel incredibly blessed with this opportunity! I am so excited and anxious to get in there and get started. But I have other things to share also! After school released we took a cruise to celebrate and than headed to Illinois for our annual trip home. I'll post pics soon!

As always we thank the lord for this beautiful life we live in because we couldn't have planned it any better!


Classroom decor 2011

Here are our fall Decorations- we did thankful turkeys, pumpkin glyphs and a reading wall with corn! It was adorable if I do say so myself.

Also I decorated for Winter. I tried to use snowflakes and snowman so it could carry over till Valentines. The long bullentin board had a snwostorm of good work which I displayed students work. We had snowman glyphs and the palm trees even got covered in garland for winter. The students really enjoyed it and we even made snowflakes to hang from the ceiling.

Hope you enjoyed our Fall/Winter Decor. I will post 2012 decor soon.

More 2011! Mom's, friends, family

While I'm playing catchup I wanted to show you the decorating I helped at my moms during the holidays! My mom helped me start my own village of mini christmas houses after all the memories I have from years of doing hers and her doing her mothers! I also tagged on some pics from our winter break in illinois, visiting with family and my birthday! Man I'll be caught up with 2011-2012 in 2015 ;) sorry y'all very busy year!!

2011 Thanksgiving & Christmas!

So I just realized I never listed holiday pics an we had our first thanksgiving here this year! So here are the pics of turkey day and my fav season Christmas!

Spring is blooming in the E Casa

So that I have caught yall up on all the changes inside the house with moving funiture over spring break I wanted to share with you the spring decor. I tried to not make it too themey for easter this year so it would be an easier transition into summer. The first pic you can see I brought out my fav home goods pillows. I just adore the fabric on these with the green, blue, browns, whites and pink. I think they are such great pillows for the warmer months and speak HAWAII!!  In addition I just added my SPRING blocks on the fireplace. In the entry which you will see down below.. I added my easter egg feather wreath, my glass cloche with knock off PB moss bunnies, and blocks that are easter themed. Also on the coffee table is a huge beautiful milk glass bowl my grandma gifted to me and I placed a candle with some eggs in it for spring. Here is the den view.
In the kitchen I kept it simple with greenery on my turquoise stand & Spring has sprung on my chalkboard. On the table I have a turqouise stand filled with moss and eggs and surrounded by vintage cottage chic bright colored candles. The runner is actually two smaller runners that I connected. I think it adds a nice pop to the kitchen.
Not to much changed in the dining room
 except I stole the old drum shade on the bar to put in the formal den for my grandmas light. So I just picked up this shabby chic one at Walmart.. yes walmart. I like all the print on it.. very vintage!
Here is the closer view of the entry way. I am starting to notice I gravitate towards blues and oranges.. maybe I like orange?? Hmm new concept.. maybe in small doses??

Hope you enjoyed the spring tour! Talk soon on the spring tour of the outside we have been working our tail off out there.