Forewarning: my writing is brutally honest and raw. It's not meant to offend. It's written to express myself as a journal. Writing is therapeutic for me. I don't expect you to understand my feelings or agree with them. This writing is more for me than anything else. So if I do offend, I apologize. Like I said this is my journal with my heart exposed. I hope you can appreciate the rawness instead of judge or be offended.

I've been here 26 days now and we are 27 weeks and 3 days. Some days here are easier than others. Some days are just plain exhausting. Some days I don't make it thru without extreme anxiety and extreme frustration. That's the nature of this beast. You wake up everyday wondering if you will deliver today. Will she come? What will the doctors tell me today? What tests will I have? Will I feel ok today?

As much as I love Piper and can't wait to meet her.. I'm not ready. I'm not ready for her to come yet.. See the selfish person in me wants to be pregnant longer. I really truly enjoy being pregnant and if it weren't for the circumstance I think I would do it again and again. It's magical to be growing someone. To feel them move and kick.. I love it and I want more!! I always thought I would see 8 and 9 months pregnant. I always envisioned being horribly hot in the Houston summer but floating in our pool with my large belly. I always envisioned my natural hospital birth at full term to meet my child. A healthy full term unnecessary drugs. Those dreams are gone.

The dreams I face now are a total different kind. How many more drugs can they give me? What side effects do they have on me and her? Will I have to have a csection because preemies are at risk for brain bleeds? Will she be able to breathe on her own? Will she cry? Will I get to see her before they take her to NICU? Will she know who I am if I only get to be in the NICU for so many hours? Is she going to make it? These are the brutal truths of my day now..

Here in the antipartum unit the goal is one thing- keep you pregnant. They succeed alot of times and woman have their babies. If the postpartum floor is full momma and baby come back to their room on the antipartum floor. It's been a full house here. So there are twins on one side of me born at 36 weeks and a little girl on the other born at 35 weeks. As precious as it is, these babies born early not even needing NICU time- fully capable of eating and screaming like normal thriving babes. I hear them cry and my heart hurts. The mama next door has been here almost as long as me and today she takes her little girl home! Wonder what it's like to take a baby home.

Every time I've entered a hospital pregnant, I've left empty arms. I yearn to take home a child who cries. It scares me so terribly bad that even though we've made it to 27 and 3 there are still possibilities she won't make it. I can't leave without her. I won't. I will be the crazy person who refuses to leave.

Everyone is so positive we will go home and Piper will be ok. I appreciate the positivity. Yet, I'm a realist. Let's honestly look at my cards.. My cervix is non existent..3 mm to be exact. Piper is growing and head down already pushing each time I have a contraction on my cervix. I don't foresee going full term. Daily, I'm on meds to stop preterm labor. I'm constantly being monitored for baby survival and contractions. I'm constantly being asked if I'm bleeding, leaking, lost my membranes or water broke. Constantly they are feeling my belly for infection.

So as much as I love all the positivity- its a hard pill for me to swallow when not many have walked these shoes. Not many have been on bed rest for a month with the likely hood of birthing a preemie. So I struggle with people's comments sometimes because I think- how can you say that to me when you're not facing these scary in your face stats of whether my child will make it. When you're not here in this bed being asked daily the questions I'm being asked. When you're not having to be poked and prodded, asked to take horrible meds to help you stay pregnant. Because all your job is to stay pregnant when in reality you have no control of your irritable contracting uterus and your short short cervix.

My pregnancy is different. I didn't want different.. I wanted normal. I wanted work till the day I birth her normal. I wanted work out my whole entire pregnancy normal. I wanted to nest normal. I wanted carry to term normal. I wanted to be at home walking around normal.

Instead were here.. And Im learning to be grateful for today but its not easy. It's frustrating. So when you ask how is it going.. It's not normal- it sucks- I'm tired! When you say good job for making it thru the day- I think yeah I did but how many battles did we defeat today and how many are there to face tomorrow. When people say you're a great mama- I think will I have an opportunity to really be one.. Or is this all I get? When people day good job on another week- I think only God got me thru because really I have no control over my body and its shown me that. I'm not in control!!! There I said it- I hate it! I am a planner.. I like control and I don't have any. Everyone else has to care for me, my body decides what it wants and it seems some days the doctors hold my fate.

I want a healthy baby.. Just like you. I want to bring her home. I want to read her this blog when she's old enough and tell her these were the struggles we faced yet you're here. I want to let her know how she has changed my heart forever and no matter what my heart will never be the same. Life took on a new meaning. I want so badly to see her daddy read her scientific facts and have her giggle because he is a dork. I want her to have to go thru torture of watching the golf channel each weekend with her daddy. I want to be able to walk in the March of Dimes next year with my baby in a jogging stroller. I want her to play with scout and giggle because he is going to adore her. I want to see her steal her grandmas hearts, because we all know the love grandmas have.

I'm selfish and I want.. But I know my god is big! I know he is big enough to give me this miracle pregnancy and he is big enough to get me to 27 weeks.. So just maybe he is big enough to make my heart desires come true.


Sunday update

Well I'm still on my meds every 6 hours, during the day my heart rate was a little higher but it has resumed back to its normal level again. Dr says as long as it isn't over 120, we will be ok.

Today my mom & shay brought us roast. They took home all the clothes we have for Piper to wash before she comes. It was nice to visit with them. Also one of Nate's co-workers came to visit! She visited which was nice and brought me some magazines and puzzle books. Yeah for new material!

Over all a good day, my meds are still messing with me but its one more day Piper stayed in!!

Saturday-27 weeks 1 day

Saturday was a much better day than Friday! Friday I was alone most of the day and my meds were changed to every 4 hrs. While on the every 4 hr meds my heart rate went up and my blood pressure went low. I didn't feel good. I had killer headaches and just felt awful. Unfortunately, I had a different nurse that day who wasn't that attentive either. So it was kinda a rough day when you're alone feeling sick and no one comes. Luckily, my trusty Sandra came and checked on me multiple times and than my mom showed up.

Friday night my blood pressure got a little too low and heart rate was still a concern so they put my meds back to every 6 hours on Saturday which makes me feel so much better. My blood pressure and heart rate have returned to almost normal. Nate went home Friday night so he brought me clean clothes and Chickfila for lunch! Beats cafeteria food. Than we got to go outside for a ten minute wheel chair ride!! The dr called it my recess since I am a teacher and I was begging to have one!! I got my recess since I didn't contract! It was muggy and rainy but I didn't care it wasn't in these four walls and I could smell fresh air and see people!! It was weird to see cars after 24 days in here. Ten minutes went by really fast. Next week if I am still doing well without alot I contractions I get to have a wheel hair date with Nate to the cafeteria. So romantic.. Not but it would be a change of scenery.

After the wheel chair ride we came back and I was tired. My body isn't used to being vertical after 24 days in bed so I rested. Than a horrible storm hit Houston. Nate and I cuddled up and watched tv. Right at shift change the hospital called a code grey due to inclement weather. Which means anyone on staff has to stay because there was so much flooding they were having trouble staffing nights. Our nurse Jenny is 29 weeks and she was exhausted.. Luckily we brightened her now going on 15 hr shift with coffee and cake! I'm not sure when she finally got to leave because we got our new nurse also named Jennie but we knew Jenny was still here too. Long day for the nurses.

Well that was our Saturday! Super exciting to get out of my room. But yet I was scared to go longer than 10 mins. I was afraid my body might decide something else. Luckily Piper behaved and I don't contract afterwards.. Just lots of pressure in my pelvic.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.. Doing something fun for me!

I included pics of our recess and Nate on his bed reading National Geographic. He read it to me and my nurse (insert dork here)!! Love that dork though!!


27 weeks

We've made it.. 27 weeks and 23 days in house!

My meds have been upped because I was contracting when I was just about to get my next dose. The meds make me feel awful!! I'm just sooo tired. My heart beats faster, my blood pressure is lower and I'm just plain exhausted! Cant imagine birthing a child rt. now I'm so tired. There is a point in the day when I can't stay awake no matter how hard I try.

Piper has been growing and growing.. She sure makes her presence known when she wants to. Due to her being so low sometimes the kicks equal alot of pain in my pelvis and groin. Sure they will get worse as she gets bigger. Hopefully she will run out of room so low and have to move higher off my super c.

It's Friday, so Nate had tennis practice after school and than like 5 loads of laundry to do between the two of us. So its easier for him to stay home tonight than do it all and try to come here afterwards. Its a 45 minute drive on top of all the other stuff.. so its his one day off.. Piper better stay put!!! My mom is staying tonight just in case. Nate will be able to give the cats some love, clean the pool, do laundry and rest before coming back to the prison of the hospital ;)!

Tomorrow if no contractions I get to go outside!! My mom and Nate are allowed to take me outside for ten minutes if no contractions. No more than ten because the pressure on my pelvis. Hopefully I get to go!!

Well that's all around here.. Sorry can't even think straight on these meds.. Need a nap.


I'm starting to despise Wed.

Let's start with I'm two days away from 27 weeks.. I've been here for 21 days!!! That's a blessing.

Yet, I'm starting to hate Wednesdays. Every Wed. we have ultrasounds or tests. Today we found out my lil Piper is growing!! She is 2lbs! She wouldn't hold still for her scan but she gave us some funny shots. We saw her yawning and throwing lots of fists. She is in the 43% for weight which is average and her head is measuring at 68%.. Above avg! Hope that's lots of brains :).

But when they went to measure the super c, which needs a new name now!! The super c was still dynamic and shortening to a lovely 3 mm. Yup... We lost length. Last week we were at 7 mm which is nothing because the avg woman has 5 cm. We are talking mm here?!

They are optimistic as my water, membranes and sac are in tact. I'm also not dilated yet. But it makes me anxious.. You can see on the ultrasound the cervix opening in the interior wall and than i would contract which pushes Pipers head into a barely there cervix. The doctors knew it would still open and funnel, thats why its called dynamic but we were hoping we wouldn't lose length too. The super c has a mind of her own and it doesn't help that my very very active child is constantly hitting against it. Every scan or monitoring we have Piper is going to town on my insides! I think I will miss feeling her. Separation anxiety lol!

Because they are seeing contractions that I sometimes don't feel still, I'm staying on the meds for them. The meds make me feel weird because it really is a blood pressure med that smooths muscles. But if it is helping I will feel bad.

It's just disheartening.. I know we've beaten the odds this far. I know that Piper has such a Better chance at 26 and five days than she did at 23 weeks.. But I'm selfish! I want more time!! I want her to stay put. I want her to be super healthy lil chubby baby!! It's funny because when we tell the nurses and dr her weight they say awe that chunker because 2 lbs is a good size for a preemie.

Yet I'm hoping to make it a lil longer.. This whole pregnancy I haven't craved any wine but I'll tell ya the stress is wearing on me emotionally and I'd love one glass. I say this but we all know I'd never!!!

Prayers that she stays put on my really non existent cervix now.. Grr!


Lil Scare

So we got good news this morning but by the afternoon I felt like something wasn't right. Each time I sneezed or coughed I felt a trickle. I told my nurse and they watched and than sent the team in to check and make sure my water hadn't broken.

After the test and exam, it was determined I'm still good. But they will double check the fluids again tomorrow by ultrasound. Dr Haus (my fav) was on staff today and she had a bad day with some other patients so she came in saying this isn't the day Tricia! She was just as relieved as I was Piper is still cooking. It's so nice to have her and Sandra by my side when these worrisome things happen. God sure blessed me with some quality good people!!

Nate said he was surprised I was so calm. But honestly this is out of our hands. Sandra kindly reminded me when I was concerned that our plan wouldn't change, it just means we'd watch for infection. Luckily, my sac is in tact and its just the hormone supplement my body is melting away.. Lovely right?! Just a relief it wasn't Piper coming!! No one said pregnancy was easy.. Lol!

Prayers please for tomorrow's tests!!

Good News!

I've been hospitalized now for 20 days.. Yea you heard me right.. 2-0. During those 20 days its not often they have good news to bear. It's rough each day hearing "worst case scenario". Due to being high risk the dr prepare you for worst case.. I'm ok with being prepared but sometime you need a break. You need some sunshine. Today I got a lil sunshine!

I think its fair to say that my sweet lil Piper is feisty like her mama. The nurses keep telling us, she already has such spunk! This baby has a personality even in the womb. She loves to play hide and seek with the monitors, which means the nurses end up looking for her. She loves to kick and kick at the monitors. Than as soon as they get her strong heart beat she's gone playing on the other side of the womb. As soon as mama wants sleep she is having a dance party! She is soo low, which concerns the dr since she is hanging out on top of my non existent cervix! But due to her being so low when she is partying it causes me some very unusual pain. Sunday she was so active that for two hours she didn't stop moving on the monitor. They said due to her activity it might be causing my uterus to contract also. Like I said the child is feisty! I think she misses being in a classroom full of noise, so now she makes her own party!

She's a fighter.. She has good survival blood in her (those German Haubrich woman)! We knew this coming to the hospital. Many times in our first trimester we thought we might lose Piper. I had emergency room visits, weekly dr appts and was on bedrest than. But, she hung on! Now in the second trimester we've been counting the days she stays put, terrified to lose her again . We were admitted at 23 weeks and they prepped us thinking she is coming. They had me prepared to have an emergency c section the night I was admitted. I mean talk about stressful.. Are we gonna save your baby or not? What do you mean save my baby? What do you mean I need to sign for Nate to make choices if I can't? It was all too much.

Now look where we are, 26 weeks and 4 days! She has hung in there with my naughty cervix funneling, changing and shortening. She has stayed put with active preterm labor and lots of contractions. She's a fighter!! So today when the dr comes in and says well let's look at your track record & he pulls up my file! He is in awe.. Second dr to say to me its a miracle you're still here. He said well since you've been here this long I have no doubt we can make it to 28 weeks!!

In disbelief I asked him to repeat it!! You're telling me you think she will hang on now instead of come. What??? We can make it to May 3.. We can!! Its a breath of fresh air I needed.

He said as long as my contractions don't get to the point of breathing thru them and my cervix doesn't thin more we are good. Piper has received all the meds she needs for best case scenario. She has had magnesium and two doses of the steroids. Even still we'd love some more time.. Piper Im going insane in this room but for you my dear I will!!!

So my request is that you please pray for these two things so that Piper may cook a little longer-no active labor and no dramatic thinning. I'd love to make it to 30 weeks, 32 weeks.. Etc.

Tomorrow we will know more about how my cervix is reacting. Whether I'm still actively contracting and whether its more dynamic or not. We are praying it is longer or same length!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

The Embleys!


Still cooking

I know I haven't posted the last two days. It was a busy busy weekend with lots of friends and family. We're so thankful to have them all visit! Especially when I get to eat anything but hospital food!!

But in addition, Piper is going thru a growth spurt so I'm so tired. Which is a good sign becuz we want a fat baby ;). Plus having contractions up and down really does one over on your body. So my dr recommendation today was rest to help ease the contractions. They say almost anything can cause them, but most of the time it is stress, exhaustion and dehydration. Kinda hard to control the stress since one day here everything is fine and than the next it's chaos! And there is no sleep in a hospital.. Someone is always pricking you, poking you, giving you meds. As soon as you doze there they are again!

So today was a recoup day from all my physical exhaustion. We are hoping the contractions settle down and I'm more stable in that manner. If my contractions could control themselves I could get a wheelchair ride. Which I'm so itching to be outside even if it is for 10 mins. I have been inside for 19 days--- 19 days in the same room with no walking, no sunshine, no breeze... I miss outside.. I miss walking. I miss my students and them keeping me soo busy! I miss busy!

I asked my dr how soon I can walk after birth and I've decided to have a dance party in the OR after if I'm up to it lol! I just look forward to a standing shower longer than 10 minutes (I have to sit now and less than 10 mins). I look forward to rolling in grass, sand in my feet at the beach, windows rolled down!! I miss strolling the aisles of Target and Homegoods.

But it's all worth it for Piper! They thought she'd come at 23 weeks and look where we are!! Thanks for all the support! Keep the prayers coming.. Each day is day she needs.

We have tests to measure Piper and he super c on Wed. We are hoping for better results than last week. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Wednesdays are a hard day!!

Nate, Tricia & The amazing Piper

Ps Aunt Susie the flowers are gorgeous! Thanks a lot we feel the love from Illinois!


Friday- 26 weeks

Yesterday was a busy day in our room 544! We celebrated 26 weeks! I can't believe I was admitted at 23 and now am 26 weeks!

Sandra brought me my big six for my wall and a lovely cookie cake! She also brought me awesome reading material from march of dimes. Sandra also let me meet another patient here who is 26 weeks two days and also has a shortened cervix. It was nice to visit with someone shortly. I just adore Sandra! She has a heart of gold and I know mentally Nate & I wouldn't be as sane if it weren't for her caring manner and excellent patient care! Seriously the woman is my angel! She sunbeams in my room! Like I said the Embleys are super fond of Nurse Sandra. She is incharge of all patient care for Ut high risk ladies and she goes way beyond!!

Since Ive been here over two weeks they have been weighting me. Piper is measuring on track but my expected pregnancy weight gain has been incredibly low. In the last two weeks I've only gained a 1/2 lb a week, putting total weight gain at 9 lbs for 26 weeks. They were concerned I wasn't getting enough protein. I received a nutritional consult where I have been put on 6 meals a day, plus two drinks a day that are similar to ensure but for us lactose people. I don't mind the six meals as it keeps my hunger in check and my blood sugar.

Lastly, I had a visit from the "Sandra" on the Nicu. Leah is the charge nurse, nurse practitioner who makes the rounds with the docs up with the babies. I hear the babies talk to her! She came down and answered a lot of questions for me about risk factor, how long will she be at risk for certain major medical disease, child care plan etc.. Luckily Piper is born in the hot months so babies don't get RSV as often but the winter months we will have to go in hiding with her the first year. RSV is like a nasty cold and can be fatal to preemies, especially if they experience any lung/respiratory problems in those first couple months when being born. In normal children it presents like a cough or cold.. But to NICu babies it can be life or death literally! With that said, during flu season we really won't be exposing Piper at all to children or lots of people. its way to risky and its an easy sacrifice to save my kid!

Which takes us to the next point she can't be in daycare till 4 mths and that would be December the worst months of the year for RSV and flu.. So we are going to have to hire in home care so she isn't exposed to the germs of more children. Preemies just have such a lower tolerance to simple germs their first year of life and even though they are home they can be admitted back and go from normal to barely hanging on for a simple cold from any other child. So there will be lots of asking friends if their children are sick, hand washing, and keeping her home that first year. In normal children, I know they want them to expose them to some germs but preemies just can't do it. Their bodies are still playing catch up. It's going to be an active battle of keeping family and friends informed and understanding the importance of this.

The first four weeks we will be watching closely for brain bleeds and NEC but once she is 34 weeks unless she experiences them she isn't a risk anymore. Which is a relief!

Additionally, the first ten days of her life she will be living in an isolete that rains on her. Due to no body fat and skin so thin they lose liquids fast, so fast try can't replenish them in IV. So they stay in a humidity controlled environment. During those seven to ten days she can't be removed from the isolete. Only mommy and daddy can shortly touch her thru. After ten days if she is doing well, than I will get to kangaroo her for short periods of time out of the isolete. Those first days are so incredibly delicate that the less contact they have with germs and can stay in their isolete the better. I know this will kill me and the grandmas but it is what's best.

After my busy day, my partner teacher came to see me. She brought me the most beautiful gift basket- she knows me well! We got to visit for two hours and it was nice! I miss seeing her daily!

Last great news of Friday was my favorite doctor on staff (remember there are 4 who rotate with the residents), I asked if he would be on call for Pipers delivery. He told me it would be an honor to be here for it. It so reassuring he would come if he can to deliver. But my fav resident will be going to nights soon and during the day I have Sandra.. So at least I know I will have someone to trust medically beside me.

All in all a busy successful 26 week! And now were 26 and 1!!! Praise The Lord!

Ps first time in 2 weeks I was allowed my jewelry back on! I've missed my wedding ring!


We made it one more day!

We made it one more day which means I got my second dose of the rescue steroids. I need to keep the dose in- meaning no labor til Sunday at least for Piper to get full benefit. But in one hour Piper will be 26 weeks with the lungs of a 27 weeker which means our lovely stats are at almost 80% survival rate now.. Still at risk for brain bleed, NEC & RSV. But I think this girl is a fighter and might hang in till next week! At least that's what I'm praying.
I'm on contraction meds every 6 hrs but when the dose is about to be up I'm contracting. So they are monitoring me to see if I need it every 4 instead. As long as my membranes and water don't break, the contractions are only worry. Each time I contract it pushes baby closer to the cervix potentially starting labor. Piper is already head down having the time of her life on my non existent cervix so contractions aren't helping us! The stomach contractions I feel but I don't feel the uterine contractions sometimes. Very odd.

Today my hair dresser came and cut, styled and highlighted my hair. It really lifted my spirits. I feel like a new woman. I feel good! She also cut Nates hair and another patient! I can't believe she was able to give me a great cut and color all in bed! That's talent!

In addition, my mommy and stepdad came. Shay made me homemade venison spaghetti, salad and bread sticks. So much better than cafeteria food! He also ran out today for me and bought receiving blankets for the isolete in NICU for Piper. Because they are low birth weight they wrap the isolete in hospital blankets. One of the NICU moms recommended her own and flannel to help control her temp. Shay even is washing them with dreft the baby soap! He also bought a birth pillow for Piper! He's such a good stepdad! They have also been caring for Scout.. Im not sure Scout is going to want to come home now! We joke that they will get visitation rights of their granddog and grandchild!

Lastly, Tara and her daughter came to see us. She brought me the most beautiful cross, frame and journal! They are all going in Piper's room!! It was nice to catch up with her and take my mind off all this crazy mess! Next time we new to catch up way before friend.. It was too long!

One more hour 26 weeks! I was admitted at 23 this is a huge success!!!!! Yeah!

Below are the pics of Nate & I with our new hair dos. The second pic Nate took of me wearing my new pjs from Terri & Patty! I love em! The last pic is my stepdad and my dog!! Overall sucessful day even though I had a blood draw and a shot! We made it another day and mama feels pampered! Thank you friends and family.. Y'all amaze me with your love. I needed it bad!!

My blessing-My husband

Have you meet my husband? Nathan Benjamin.. Sure he looks like any other Midwestern farm boy, athletic and funny.. But have you met his heart. God gave Piper & I his heart. God chose us to live with this man.. This unbelievable man I can hardy put in writing of what he is.. But I will try.
I met this man ten years ago, a young college girl working in a sports store. I helped him on my last day working there and he asked me out. At the time I been on a no man break due to some hard times and I was in finals. So I calmly said if you can wait two weeks I'd love to. He did. We emailed, talked and two weeks later we had our first date at the museum & memorial park.. Irony my room overlooks where we had our first date.
In those first years, I lost my dad. My mom was diagnosed with cancer. I graduated UH and took an accounting job. I grew up with him... Through trials he loved and supported me. He proposed and we bought a house. A year later our house was destroyed by hurricane Ike. I decided to go back to school due to his recommendation that I always was and will be a teacher and we got married in Hawaii. It was by far my dream wedding and some of the best days of my life in Hawaii. We cherish those memories. He gave me a pep talk before every teaching job interview and helped me thru my first yr teaching which we all know is sink or swim.

What I didn't know when I met Nate, was he was my gift from god. This man is so patient, calm, cool and collected. He's a man that's non confrontational, loves routine and to travel. He's passionate about things in life and the hardest worker I've ever met. He teaches full time, coaches full time and owns his own business on the side.. In addition he has no rules about what a woman and man should do in a household. He has no problem cooking, cleaning now and doing laundry to care for us. He does it without a single bat of an eye. He has no problem discussing with me how he's feeling-it wasn't always like that.

I always knew he was a good one.. But this trial.. It's open my eyes to my husband to fall in love with him again in a new way. He hasn't left my side, he's slept on an air mattress beside me to wake all hours of the night for my care. He's held my hand when I wake scared. He's bathed me daily. Brushed my hair. He's reminded me of my faith when I forget. He's strong.. He encourages me when I think physically I don't have the strength. Which I know is hard for him because this isn't routine, this isn't the plan. But yet he has taken it so well. He is my biggest advocate of what should be done to protect his wife and child.. A side I never expected from a non-confrontational person. He listens closely to the doctors, researches with me and presents his own concerns. He reminds me this is a team effort daily.

I know it sounds like any other husband right.. Except he is the only man on my floor to be here every single day for his wife. He is one of the few husbands the doctors actually see on rounds. He is one of the few husbands to care for his wife in the manner he has. How do I know, well for one the team has mentioned it and you see who comes and goes here. The staff even comments how lucky I am & wants to know our story.

I can't imagine going thru this alone. I don't think I could. When in my most doubtful moments, Nates there strong to remind me.. Gods gift to me.

I have no doubt in my mind what kind of father he will be to our daughter. I have no worries about our marriage as people prep us for the stress and toll it can take. I married an amazing man who still makes me laugh as tears pour down my eyes. I met a man, that I'm so proud to say he is mine..

That's just a tender look into the heart of a man Piper gets to be raised by.. What a privilege I get to see. Even if it will only be for a couple hours, days or years. I can't wait to see him with our daughter.

By no means was this written to brag about my husband, were all creatures if imperfection. But I know right now what a burden financially, emotionally and physically this has been for him and he's been a trooper. Amazing!


25 wks 5 days.. Test day Wed.

Today my fav nurse Sandra came in early to work just to give me my three hour glucose test. After an hour of drinking the drink, I started vomiting. Poor Sandra and Nate. Sandra was drawing my second sample out of four of blood while Nate is holding my puke bag. I wouldn't have made it without both of them thru it. Luckily, I passed all the tests! No gestational diabetes. What a relief.

Than after lunch, we had an ultrasound. We got to see Piper 3d. She sleeps just like me, one arm above her head and one arm right by her face so there is a partial face shot. She's darling. But unfortantely the super c was not behaving. My cervix is called a shortened and dynamic cervix so the part closest to the sac funnels. Last week and the week before the funneling which means it is opening and closing which shorten and elongates the cervix. This isn't normal! Not much there is the concern while it is doing this. Like I was saying, last week the funneling was minimal. This week the funneling is very very dramatic. It's opening a lot. Which they are contributing to contractions again. Opening a lot- no length... Frightening!

So five doctors came to read me the results. When five doctors come in it isn't positive news. Positive news comes form the resident or nurse (we've learned). They came in and explained instead of being on contraction meds PRN which is as needed I'm now taking it every 6 hrs they are hoping this will stop the chance of me laboring. But they can only control the contractions and not the cervix.. Super c has a mind of her own. In addition, when I was admitted I was given a two round shot of steroids for piper. They only give you a starting dose and than one more before birth as a rescue measure if needed. That's when you know it's bad.. They call the second final dose the rescue dose. I'm receiving the rescue dose now in hopes that Piper gets the benefit before she comes. They are predicting she comes any day now with my ffn test and the ultrasound.

Roller coaster.. Hell yeah. Have I wrapped my mind around what the heck is happening.. Um no. Do I feel strong today.. Let's just say I broke down and had my husband climb into my single hospital bed. Honestly, its mind blogging. She could make it and be perfectly healthy or she could have cerebral palsy. She could have severe neurological disorders.. She could not make it. This is a reality, a reality that comes with scary stats. I'm not saying this because I want comfort. I'm not saying it because I want sympathy..I'm not writing this to get a pep talk.. I'm saying it because its therapeutic to write. I'm saying it because I want to remember the day I prayed so feverishly for my child. I'm saying it because unless you've looked this dragon in the eye there isn't really anyone can say/do to comfort you..

In reality.. We will survive this. Somehow, in life even when I couldn't, I did. But I doesn't mean I'm chipper or happy. I'm just going along..

Praying that my sweet girl, Piper Makenzie sees many birthdays. Gets to go home to meet her fur brother Scout. That her daddy has to learn to blow-dry her hair and I get to see him hold her. That she gets to play with her aunts and grandma. That I get to count her toes and fingers and listen to her breath. My heart just yearns for it... The heart my child has only heard beat for so little time.

My dear child you have no idea how much I love you. Until we meet I hope you cook.. I won't be offended if you decide to stay a little longer. But, if you can't I hope you're a fighter, strong and brave for this journey we have ahead. I praise God for the days he has given me with you and I pray he will bless me with many more days, sweet baby.


25 weeks 4 days

I've been here almost two weeks now. Like I said yesterday, there are a team of doctors that see us and they each have their own opinion of what should be done. So today the Dr on rounds was the head of the department. Even though the doctors changed I have had the same third yr resident (dr haus) and charge nurse (sandra) on my case. So when I have concerns I speak to them about them.
Luckily, the department head heard my concerns via them today. He reassured us that there will be more consistency in the plan of action. I will be here till 28 weeks which is May 3 and they will reevaluate my case than, if need be. But it made me feel better that there won't be any fast balls thrown my way. Nate and I just couldn't take all the curve balls thrown yesterday unexpectedly. Like they keep telling us its a roller coaster and I'm just trying to hang on.
Sandra let my nurse know also that we were exhausted so they let me sleep more this am than normal.. And no tests today! Unfortantely, tomorrows another day! I will have to take the three hour glucose test and get stuck a bunch of times. Which we all know I have a huge phobia of needles. I pray I pass this next test because I really don't want to have to stick myself daily for blood sugar results. In addition, I will have an ultrasound to measure my lovely super c and check my fluids! I'm hoping that the super c has decided to stop being dynamic and grow a little more!
I was looking at my pregnancy calendar today.. If I were to go full term I have 100 more days. One hundred... Mind boggling that she could be here any day.

Just pray she survives. I'm not sure I can handle another loss of a child. I'm not sure I'm strong enough for this road ahead. The uncertainty, unexpected, no promises to keep, future scares the living poop out of me!

Some people keep telling me you're so brave, you're so strong! One more day down and enjoy the bed rest. In reality, I'm just like y'all.. I'm not any stronger. I've just been given this road.. A road Nate & I never saw coming. We're doing our best to just trudge along that road. But when people mention that bed rest is enjoyable.. It's not. When people think I'm strong.. I'm not. I know that these things are said to be encouraging, but its incredibly scary road ahead and I don't alway feel as if I am capable of living up to these words spoken to me and about me.

I've just adjusted to this horror of our child could be born early and could have so many things wrong with her and its all out of my control. She could be born and not make it. We don't know. Hopefully, she will be born healthy and strong. But there is no crystal ball. There is no guarantee. I would never wish this upon anyone and I really think many take pregnancy for granted. I am so incredibly envious (yes I shouldn't be I know) of woman who have normal pregnancy and healthy babies. I follow people on fb and see their concerns and now I laugh. I laugh because we as humans are so concerned with the trivial in life. We are consumed by traffic, what people think of us, if we're too fat, too skinny, drive the right car..etc. I laugh because if there is anything these struggles with fertility have taught me is, that the real things in life are the people we hold dear. When we leave none of that other stuff will matter and we need to remember that.

I guess what I mean is to say is that this road may look easy as an outsider. I may seem strong. But I'm not. I'm a terrified 3o yr old that still needs her mom and husband to hold her hand when I get stuck with needles and get bad news. I still wake up at night in terror, asking for comfort. I still have so many fears and anxiety. I'm just holding it together for this precious child I pray I get to raise! The child I hope will look like my mother and I. The child I hope will be smart and witty like her daddy. Like I said end of the day it's for the ones we hold dear.. The one who's heard my heart beat for the past 6 months.


Tomorrow's a new day.. I'm ready

Today was a hard day.. First I was woke up at 3 am for my glucose test. After they drew blood an hour later. Than Nate showered me so he could go to work and the Dr started their rounds. My favorite doctor has been on 4 days in a row. He is very conservative in his treatment and I appreciate his bedside manner. Today was the first day on a new rotation. With each dr comes a different viewpoint and it can be very hard. One doc can come in and tell you one thing and than new rotation you get a whole new set of ideas.

I had asked last week for the ffn test. It determines preterm delivery due to the glue that holds baby to the uterus and whether you're leaking it. But, at the time the dr said they knew I was at risk and the test wasn't needed. So they didn't want to test, plus you can't have had anything in the vagina for a day and I had a an ultrasound that day that could make it a false positive.

I put that on the back burner, things seemed to be more stable. Than, today on rounds the new dr decided I should have it. If it was negative it is 99% sure you won't go into labor in the next two weeks. If its positive you have a higher chance of delivery. The dr were saying if it was negative than I could possibly go home. Which made me nervous because Katy area hospitals can't deal with a preemie under 32 weeks so she would be life flighted here and we'd lose precious time. But part of me would love to know she isn't coming in two weeks. Lots of emotions.

So I wait all day on pins and needles feeling mixed emotions. To find out the test is positive. Which means I'm leaking the glue like protein that holds Piper in and at risk to deliver in the next 14 days.
In addition, I was borderline on my glucose test so I get to take it again on Wed.

It's just a lot and so much uncertainty now that I know I could deliver anytime. Possibly have gestational diabetes also?! .... Like I said rough day. I can't even think straight.

Test tests and more tests

This am at 3 the nurses woke me up for the routine glucose test. My fasting level was fine but after the test I was borderline. So they are doing the three hour retest on Wednesday in addition to my ultrasound to measure fluid and cervix.

In addition, they are going to perform a ffn test this afternoon. You can read all the medical talk on this site: .

Basically it is a test to see if the glue like protein that holds baby in stays put. If I test positive that means I'm leaking this hormone that holds Piper in and I'm at risk for having her in 14 days. Woman usually don't have this thin till 35 weeks so I really hope its negative and the super c (my cervix) can hold Piper longer!


25 weeks 2 days

Well today the doctors started their rounds at 5:45 am!!! The first comment out of my mouth was its sooo early! But the doctors are so happy to be here. Afterwards, Nate and I were up! So we had breakfast, showered and he blew dry my hair. He is improving in his hair skills lol.. Our poor daughter!

Than I napped a lot this afternoon. Nate has been watching the Masters (snooze fest)! They have me on the monitor a couple times to see if I was having contractions. I'm not but I'm in a lot of pain. Just praying Piper stays put!

I've had two friends from work visit this weekend and my mom came yesterday. She shaved my legs for me since I get ten minutes in shower and no bending. She also painted my toes. Felt nice to be somewhat put together.. It's so weird relying on others to help you with your own daily care. But I'm super blessed to have my mom and friends! One of my many doctors and my fav met my mom yesterday and commented how much I look like her. Even said I could be her sister! Than today mentioned it again.. I have a feeling our little Piper will be a carbon of her grandma too!! Pictures to prove our carbon copyness lol!!

The more work friends I see the more I miss work!!! I miss my routine and the kids. But this is temporary!! I can do this for Piper!!


My Mpe family..

I work at this amazing place.. I knew it was amazing before I even took the job because I had the lovely privilege of going to school there. Teaching at the school you went to as a child makes it so familiar and special. But, the people there are so special too! I think of them as family!

In this hard time, I know God knew what he was doing when he allowed me to take the position at MPE. I couldn't work in a better place. I'm confident my students are being cared for.. even though it so hard to not have said goodbye. I know my team is doing everything needed, which is a huge stress off my shoulders.

I've learned so much from soo many amazing people. They have given me wonderful opportunities to continue my learning. Not only have I learned from these people but they truly care about you. You don't have that at every work place and I know because I've worked at other places.

Today one of my coworkers brought me lunch and to visit. With her, she brought ogles of cards, gifts and beautiful things from my lovely friends and family at MPE. I've been hanging all my cards on my cabinet in the room to see daily and now there is a beautiful plethora from MPE! I also have this amazing cross to look at made for Piper! It's so gorgeous and I can wait to put in her room and tell her that she was being prayed for by all these people! It's amazing the love and support we have! Thank you MPE!! Brought me to tears.. I miss you all.


25 weeks

This morning one of my favorite nurses surprised me with balloons and a banner!! I made it to 25 weeks!!

Otherwise, things are just moving along. My cervix is still constantly changing from 1 cm to 8 mm and medically there is nothing we can do. But with contractions it's bad. So they have put me on a drug to help lessen the contractions. It is suppose to have no risks to baby like the indomencin. It can cause light headedness and headaches! Otherwise I'm being treated for a UTI which can also cause irritable uterine contractions.

We are super excited to made it to 25 weeks and my dr made me a deal that if my ultrasound of my cervix looks ok and my contractions level out I might get a wheel chair ride to the zoo! A visit out of the hospital. The zoo is right next door but its better than being here!


Day 7-24 weeks 5 days

It's a miracle we've made it a week. When I was admitted the dr prepared me for Piper coming soon. They gave me statistics that 75% of women with my condition typically deliver in 7 days. I feel a huge relief to have made it a week because that shows stability in my case.

Also each day makes us closer to our goal of Piper being more developed and hoping she won't be a micro preemie.

This morning since Nate was here for the tests, we got a little more sleep. He helped me shower and do my hair.. So frustrating to try and blow dry hair in bed! So after we finished I was taken for my tests. Tests showed that Piper's amniotic fluid is steady which means no leaking! That's a huge concern with a incompetent cervix. That's was our first relief. Secondly they remeasured the cervix. My cervix is considered a dynamic cervix which means while they are testing you can see it funneling in and out. The water of the sac funnels also so we don't want it to continue doing that. If it funnels thru it could cause labor and dilate more. Because it is funneling my longest measurement was 1 cm and the shortest was 8 mm. The doctors use your shortest length because it changes so much. But 8 mm is better than 6 mm. So progestrone and rest are helping. The doctors said of course they never see if go back further than a couple mm but it's way better than it shortening more. The doctors did say it shows progress it isn't as short now that I'm on bed rest but not to expect it to elongate it more.

Basically, it shows bed rest is working.. No hopes of going home till May at the soonest. But it's very reassuring to know what I'm sacrificing is keeping our child safe for now. We just need no contractions or further dilation.

Thanks for all the prayers- keep em coming!

Pic below are of the board I look at each day and my belly at 24 weeks in bed!


Day 6- 24 weeks 4 days

Well with all the activity today they are monitoring me closely to determine if I need to be put back on meds to control my uterine contractions. It's a mixed emotion for me with the meds as I don't want Piper to come yet but I hate taking all the meds. But I will do whatever it takes to get this all under control. They are concerned that I might also have a UTI which can cause contractions so they are making sure my test results come back.

Tomorrow is a huge day.. Luckily Nate will be here all day for my tests. They said not to worry so much about measurement of my cervix but as to if it was funneling still. So please pray that it may elongate and be steady instead of changing. They want to be sure it's not. Not sure what course of action will be if it is still changing other than more monitoring and meds most likely.

I didn't sleep so well last night and I feel slightly dehydrated so my goals today other than having no contractions is to be able to rest and hydrate. It's just so hard when they check you 24-7. Nate will be gone most of the day which gives me opportunity to sleep but I'm way more comfortable when he is here versus when he isn't.

Thanks for all the continued prayers we still need them! 24 weeks and 4 days! A couple more days were 25!! Which would be a super amazing achievement! Who would think I'd be saying that!


A little rough

I'm not gonna sugar coat it.. Tonight was rough. We had good friends bring us dinner and when I got up to go to the restroom I suddenly had a lot of pressure back and front. So the nurses hook me back up to the monitor.. The dr comes rushing in to examine. Everything is ok for now just a lot of discomfort! I hate the examines and it makes me nervous. Than they go to draw blood and twice roll or blow my vein! I don't do well with needles- like I end up on the floor but stick me twice and get nothing! In addition we found out one of my tests came back positive so they will have to give me antibiotics at delivery.

It just wasn't a pleasant evening to say the least! Luckily Piper seems to be staying. Let's pray she will cook for a couple more days.

I'm thankful so much for these nurses and drs ad they are very careful with what's happening .. It's just such a roller coaster of emotions!

I made it to Monday!! Day 5

Praise Jesus!! We've made it to Monday which means I am currently 5 days in this place!! They weren't sure I was going to make it through the first night much less five days. Like I said yesterday I need to make 7 days to beat the birth stats but we are almost there.

When I was admitted the doctors were super worried because I was showing labor signs with the shortened cervix. But my prognosis is better now. No contractions off the meds which is a big big deal!!

Also, Dr. J just came in for his second round this morning and told me my cervix is dramatically changing which means it will lengthen and shorten. Shortest measurement is 6mm which is nothing but it can elongate to 1 cm. where as when I was admitted due to the contractions they were thinking it would just stay at 6mm. With it dramatically changing there is a prognosis for it to gain a couple mm and elongate rather than staying dangerously short.
This is the best news because it gives Piper a little more portection. Of course a normal woman has over 3 cm of cervix so we are still in danger but its good news.i can't be moving around still but they are happier with this progress! Praise The Lord!

They plan on continuing my progesterone which shows to help support the cervix and strengthen the pregnancy. In addition the membranes protecting Piper are not broken or bulging which is a super good sign! The membranes protect her against bacteria and infection and if they pop or get infected it means labor time. So its super great that the membranes are holding tight.

With all this positive news they still are requiring no sitting up, no moving.. Strict bed rest. I'm allowed bathrooms breaks and a shower in the shower seat in less than ten minutes. But we've made it to day 5, which means things are working!

Below are some pics of what I get to se daily! The residents and Dr commented on how my room is homey! Living 45 mins away from the med center, we've kinda moved in! Nate is sleeping on an air mattress instead of a chair. He brought me pics from home and with all our love and support this place doesn't feel so hospital! Nate even has his Keireg here which is a big hit with the dr! Lol!

Happy Monday! Let's pray for one more day cooking!


Sunday afternoon

Well today was one of the better days Ive had since being admitted! I absolutely love the nurses here.. Hospital procedure is move the IV site every three days by since I'm off meds I no longer need it. Yet I still had it in and my arm was sore. My other arm they blew the vein and I just didn't want one unless needed! So the nurse got it approved to not have it in my arm until needed! Which makes my arm happy and carries a lesser risk for infection since I will be here long term!! This was our first success of the day!

In addition, I haven't shown any contractions, which means no meds still. I am still having back pain and some tightening. They will monitor closely but seems today was a good day! They say they use the monitor and mothers intention.. And right now I'm content with her staying.

We had visitors again today and we are so thankful! One of my coworkers brought us lunch with a bunch of goodies to occupy my time and my mom brought us spaghetti! What a difference non hospital food makes!! We enjoyed our visitors today and all their love!!! Our room smells delicious from cupcakes and flowers!

Please continue to pray that Piper cooks!! She is hanging in there so well with 6 mm of cervix.. Lil fighter!!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.. I sure miss being able to be outside and move around!

The Embleys

24 wks 2 days-Sunday

Well last night was the first night the nurses weren't in a hundred times. Which is a good sign health wise and for my sleep! I'm having horrible night sweats due to this place being extremely cold and wearing the hoses to prevent clots. Waking up drenched is soo gross! But we made it thru the night.

Yesterday they stopped the medicine for the contractions becuz its only given for 72 hrs. I did well last night but we're hoping my body keeps up with no
contractions. Little concerned they will start again! If I do start it will be back to meds, which have a risk for baby but at this point we're just trying to keep her inside. They did say at 30 wks there was less that they give due to these risks but being 24 wks we are doing what they say. It's super hard for me to be taking all these drugs knowing they are going to her but I know research states that this time could save her life! It's such a toss up! Time in womb or meds.. This point we are choosing time!!

Like I said yesterday.. What you have planned in life.. Well it doesn't always go that way! We're taking it one day at a time.

Again, I can't thank you all enough for the love, support and prayers! Without y'all we wouldn't be making it!

Below you get to see me hooked up to monitors and my Ted hoses! Enjoy me looking like a hot mess!


Update 24 wks 1 day

Uneventful day with contractions!!! No fluid leaking so as the dr says were chugging along! We had a ton of family and friends rally around us in the last couple hours which has really helped me not focus soo much on this situation at hand. Hopefully, we will hit another milestone tomorrow.. Each day no fluid or major contractions is amazing. Piper continues to thrive and that's what we are praying for!

We so appreciate everything! Please continue to pray for health and mental stability! From what we hear bedrest makes ya bonkers!

This new world

I think many of you know the trials and tribulations Nate & I had to go thru to get to this pregnancy. It wasn't an easy journey and some of that journey has been journaled on this blog. We've had no issues getting preggo, its always holding the baby. So at the start we we were super cautious. When we started spotting first trimester we took all precautions. But once I hit that 2nd trimester, I started to feel good. We started planning for our Piper's birth. We hired a doula for natural birth in the hospital. We were expecting a full term child.

Now who's to say we won't still but it will only be by the grace of god if she stays put by may. These wonderful dr are trying to prepare us for the worst & best case scenario. We've been given a mass of information in regards to Nicu and caring for a micro preemie. It's daunting. To think I will be here for at least the duration of the pregnancy and than more months to care for my child. It's scary as hell! We dint know what specific health problems she could in counter once she is here but there are sooooo many risks with a preemie. No one expects this... And part of me hurts becuz I know so many who are having healthy pregnancies and babies. I'm jealous and I try to rationalize that I shouldn't be. But letting go of our original plan and thoughts it hurts.

This wasn't our plan.. And I love planning! But we are accepting that God chose this for this journey. We were chosen by The Lord before we even knew of Piper to be her parents. So we are relying heavy on god in this time.

Each day is faced with uncertainty. Each day move towards the goal of our child. But with each day it weighs so heavily what may come to a child we just expected would be perfect. Which in our eyes she still is!! The is nothing wrong with her, it's the immentiant danger of being so early.

So please pray that Piper has a chance at a healthy life, that my body may continue to be her growing ground for as long as possible, and that I continue to stay healthy.

I'm leaning on Psalm 55:22 Cast your cares on the LORD
and he will sustain you;
he will never let the righteous fall. He knows my concerns and he cares.


24 wks!!!!

It's the small rejoices we are focusing on currently. Such as we made thru the night with no labor contractions. They are informing me that I will have some contractions because the uterus is a muscle but they aren't showing labor contractions any longer! Rejoice!!!

Secondly, I'm not showing any signs of leaking amniotic fluid. Which means no contractions, no fluid, I get to sit in a shower chair today rather than a sponge bath! Which is amazing because I'm having to wear TED hoses on my legs to prevent blood clots and they make you sweat so bad and I really would love a real shower!!!

Thirdly, Nate rested most of the night and I was able to sleep at least 4-5 hours. It's hard to sleep with the constant noise on the floor and them checking on you every few hours. But praise for our small rejoices!

One day at a time! One little rejoice at a time and this is a huge step! We praise Jesus for all the prayers we have been receiving, the love and support! We praise The Lord for his continued grace on our little Piper! We are so thankful he is allowing me to hold her for another day and that we are both healthy as of today! Amen!!!

In other news, this is a roller coaster. They are preparing us for the worst and best case scenario. My natural birth plan has left the table and most likely due to her being so tiny she will be her c-section. They will decide once the baby is ready but, its to prevent brain hemorrhaging. I can deal with this. What scares the living day lights out of me is I will have to recover before they will let me see my angel in NICU. Even once I recover this is going to be a marathon of care in the NICU. We just are looking at so much and its so overwhelming.


Day 2- week 23 day 6 almost done!!

My mom came today brought me the necessities, helped me sponge bathe since showers are out on bed rest and keep me company as Nate ran home to make sure things were taken care of. A social worker came in to speak with us about a few daunting things such as power of attorney. When she was here my sister Michelle and her bf from Austin surprised me! It was nice to have a lot of company till dinner. Around dinner, I was surprised to receive beautiful flowers from my sweet friends. Already I can feel the love of friends and family and Nate & I are so very thankful.

We were taken on a tour of the NICU. We met a mother who gave birth to a 24 weeker and she is now 34 weeks. She was born 1.4 lbs and is now 4.4lbs. It's amazing what they can do now for these babies even with all the daunting scary stuff they are preparing us for. Needless to say it has been an emotional roller coaster and my nurses update my board daily with my goal. Tonight it is rest and no contractions!

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Drs are saying we really need to make it thru the next 7 days so we are taking it one day at a time. Each day is milestone.

Please continue to pray for my health, baby Piper and daddy!


Day 2- 23 wks 6 days

My uterine contractions are not stable yet but the success is that I finished 12 hours of Magnesium Sulfate. They loaded the dose for the first thirty minutes and instantly I needed them to strip my clothes I was so hot and soon I was barfing and having headache with blurred vision. With in an hour or so I still had blurred vision and nausea but no more vomiting.. Blood pressure dropped but is back to normal. I am also getting Indomethacin for 72 hours to help stabilize the contractions. Haven't had any adverse reactions yet. I'm also getting a double dose of steroids of Bethethasone so that the baby's brain and lungs develop as soon as possible. The drs yes we has ten on me and 4 on Baby Piper Makenzie. The dr said that if we can not go into spontaneous labor for the next 48 hrs would be best. One because she would be out of the grey area of being 23 weeks and two because the steroids have been proven to give a week more of gestational period. We're praying that she stays put for 3 more weeks. We are not out of the woods yet!

My room number is 544. I am accepting visitors but please call prior. My room
Number is 713-704-9198 or our cells.

Our 2013 vacation suite Spa Memorial Herman

Here is our room and future home for the duration of the pregnancy.

Update 23 wk 5 days-admitted

At 21 weeks we went to my Dr. and the anatomy scan showed baby Piper is doing excellent but unfortunately at the time my cervix was short. The shortest length measured was 2.25 cm and I was put on modified bed rest for two weeks an to see the UT specialist group. At that time our future options we thought were a cerclage or possible bedrest.

Well when we went in our little piper is measuring right on track 23 weeks 5 days. But my cervix had shortened dramatically 0.6 cm and having contractions. Due to the cervix funneling it is too risky to stitch without causing birth. We are in a really risky spot, we want her to develop further but we have no way to tell if I will carry longer or have her early. Due to this I have been admitted for the duration of my pregnancy at Herman Memorial in the medical center.

We're dealing with the best specialists team & we are extremely blessed to be in their care. We ask that you please continue to pray.