About Me

Hi We're Nate & Tricia- Here's Our Story..
After 5 years of dating,we got engaged in between the Keys and the Bahamas.. one year later in 2010 we were married in Hawaii. Tricia got this great idea to blog about our wedding process and planning which she loved, that's when this all got started.  But, now we've been married 2 years and been together a total of 8 years... almost 9! In those 8 years we have lost family and friends, remodeled our house, survived a hurricane, changed careers, completed graduate degrees, lost two babies (miscarriage), adopted a golden retriever and traveled- not in that order and we're probably forgetting alot. It has been the ups and downs in life that keeps us holding on to each other- because in the good and the bad you want your best friend with you.

I'm Tricia the one who does most the blogging.. but obviously Nate has a say in everything that goes on around here (and at home)..
I  have a passion for decorating, DIY projects, finding the best deal, wine, fashion, reading, traveling, water (beach, pool, lake) keeping faith alive in my life, my pets, and I love being around my family and friends.. I am type A personality which means I become obsessive about things, slightly ADD, and am full of sass. Last year I finished my master's degree in Education and scored my dream job teaching at the same elementary school I went to as a child. I teach reading, writing and social studies. Well that's a tid bit about me..

So Sit down, Relax, Grab a Cup of Joe or Wine and Follow us on our personal journey called life!