24 wks!!!!

It's the small rejoices we are focusing on currently. Such as we made thru the night with no labor contractions. They are informing me that I will have some contractions because the uterus is a muscle but they aren't showing labor contractions any longer! Rejoice!!!

Secondly, I'm not showing any signs of leaking amniotic fluid. Which means no contractions, no fluid, I get to sit in a shower chair today rather than a sponge bath! Which is amazing because I'm having to wear TED hoses on my legs to prevent blood clots and they make you sweat so bad and I really would love a real shower!!!

Thirdly, Nate rested most of the night and I was able to sleep at least 4-5 hours. It's hard to sleep with the constant noise on the floor and them checking on you every few hours. But praise for our small rejoices!

One day at a time! One little rejoice at a time and this is a huge step! We praise Jesus for all the prayers we have been receiving, the love and support! We praise The Lord for his continued grace on our little Piper! We are so thankful he is allowing me to hold her for another day and that we are both healthy as of today! Amen!!!

In other news, this is a roller coaster. They are preparing us for the worst and best case scenario. My natural birth plan has left the table and most likely due to her being so tiny she will be her c-section. They will decide once the baby is ready but, its to prevent brain hemorrhaging. I can deal with this. What scares the living day lights out of me is I will have to recover before they will let me see my angel in NICU. Even once I recover this is going to be a marathon of care in the NICU. We just are looking at so much and its so overwhelming.

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  1. I remember feeling overwhelmed at all of the scenarios, and our tour of the NICU. I remember how desperately I did not want to be separated from my baby after his birth, and how desperately I wanted to carry him full term. That was not the plan that God had for him, or for us. However, because of our journey, we were able to meet some wonderful people and experience a depth if empathy for others that we had not previously known. During my hospitalization, it was the 1st time that I truly experienced the peace of God that passes all understanding. When Brennan walked through the valley of the shadow of death, we knew that God was with us, and had not left us. It was a long and challenging thing to endure, but our 2 lb. 6 oz 27 wkr is now 17, and exploring his college options. Day by day, hour by hour, step by step, prayer by prayer. We are here for you, and will support you in whatever way we can.