Day 6- 24 weeks 4 days

Well with all the activity today they are monitoring me closely to determine if I need to be put back on meds to control my uterine contractions. It's a mixed emotion for me with the meds as I don't want Piper to come yet but I hate taking all the meds. But I will do whatever it takes to get this all under control. They are concerned that I might also have a UTI which can cause contractions so they are making sure my test results come back.

Tomorrow is a huge day.. Luckily Nate will be here all day for my tests. They said not to worry so much about measurement of my cervix but as to if it was funneling still. So please pray that it may elongate and be steady instead of changing. They want to be sure it's not. Not sure what course of action will be if it is still changing other than more monitoring and meds most likely.

I didn't sleep so well last night and I feel slightly dehydrated so my goals today other than having no contractions is to be able to rest and hydrate. It's just so hard when they check you 24-7. Nate will be gone most of the day which gives me opportunity to sleep but I'm way more comfortable when he is here versus when he isn't.

Thanks for all the continued prayers we still need them! 24 weeks and 4 days! A couple more days were 25!! Which would be a super amazing achievement! Who would think I'd be saying that!

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