25 weeks 2 days

Well today the doctors started their rounds at 5:45 am!!! The first comment out of my mouth was its sooo early! But the doctors are so happy to be here. Afterwards, Nate and I were up! So we had breakfast, showered and he blew dry my hair. He is improving in his hair skills lol.. Our poor daughter!

Than I napped a lot this afternoon. Nate has been watching the Masters (snooze fest)! They have me on the monitor a couple times to see if I was having contractions. I'm not but I'm in a lot of pain. Just praying Piper stays put!

I've had two friends from work visit this weekend and my mom came yesterday. She shaved my legs for me since I get ten minutes in shower and no bending. She also painted my toes. Felt nice to be somewhat put together.. It's so weird relying on others to help you with your own daily care. But I'm super blessed to have my mom and friends! One of my many doctors and my fav met my mom yesterday and commented how much I look like her. Even said I could be her sister! Than today mentioned it again.. I have a feeling our little Piper will be a carbon of her grandma too!! Pictures to prove our carbon copyness lol!!

The more work friends I see the more I miss work!!! I miss my routine and the kids. But this is temporary!! I can do this for Piper!!

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