Day 7-24 weeks 5 days

It's a miracle we've made it a week. When I was admitted the dr prepared me for Piper coming soon. They gave me statistics that 75% of women with my condition typically deliver in 7 days. I feel a huge relief to have made it a week because that shows stability in my case.

Also each day makes us closer to our goal of Piper being more developed and hoping she won't be a micro preemie.

This morning since Nate was here for the tests, we got a little more sleep. He helped me shower and do my hair.. So frustrating to try and blow dry hair in bed! So after we finished I was taken for my tests. Tests showed that Piper's amniotic fluid is steady which means no leaking! That's a huge concern with a incompetent cervix. That's was our first relief. Secondly they remeasured the cervix. My cervix is considered a dynamic cervix which means while they are testing you can see it funneling in and out. The water of the sac funnels also so we don't want it to continue doing that. If it funnels thru it could cause labor and dilate more. Because it is funneling my longest measurement was 1 cm and the shortest was 8 mm. The doctors use your shortest length because it changes so much. But 8 mm is better than 6 mm. So progestrone and rest are helping. The doctors said of course they never see if go back further than a couple mm but it's way better than it shortening more. The doctors did say it shows progress it isn't as short now that I'm on bed rest but not to expect it to elongate it more.

Basically, it shows bed rest is working.. No hopes of going home till May at the soonest. But it's very reassuring to know what I'm sacrificing is keeping our child safe for now. We just need no contractions or further dilation.

Thanks for all the prayers- keep em coming!

Pic below are of the board I look at each day and my belly at 24 weeks in bed!

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