I'm starting to despise Wed.

Let's start with I'm two days away from 27 weeks.. I've been here for 21 days!!! That's a blessing.

Yet, I'm starting to hate Wednesdays. Every Wed. we have ultrasounds or tests. Today we found out my lil Piper is growing!! She is 2lbs! She wouldn't hold still for her scan but she gave us some funny shots. We saw her yawning and throwing lots of fists. She is in the 43% for weight which is average and her head is measuring at 68%.. Above avg! Hope that's lots of brains :).

But when they went to measure the super c, which needs a new name now!! The super c was still dynamic and shortening to a lovely 3 mm. Yup... We lost length. Last week we were at 7 mm which is nothing because the avg woman has 5 cm. We are talking mm here?!

They are optimistic as my water, membranes and sac are in tact. I'm also not dilated yet. But it makes me anxious.. You can see on the ultrasound the cervix opening in the interior wall and than i would contract which pushes Pipers head into a barely there cervix. The doctors knew it would still open and funnel, thats why its called dynamic but we were hoping we wouldn't lose length too. The super c has a mind of her own and it doesn't help that my very very active child is constantly hitting against it. Every scan or monitoring we have Piper is going to town on my insides! I think I will miss feeling her. Separation anxiety lol!

Because they are seeing contractions that I sometimes don't feel still, I'm staying on the meds for them. The meds make me feel weird because it really is a blood pressure med that smooths muscles. But if it is helping I will feel bad.

It's just disheartening.. I know we've beaten the odds this far. I know that Piper has such a Better chance at 26 and five days than she did at 23 weeks.. But I'm selfish! I want more time!! I want her to stay put. I want her to be super healthy lil chubby baby!! It's funny because when we tell the nurses and dr her weight they say awe that chunker because 2 lbs is a good size for a preemie.

Yet I'm hoping to make it a lil longer.. This whole pregnancy I haven't craved any wine but I'll tell ya the stress is wearing on me emotionally and I'd love one glass. I say this but we all know I'd never!!!

Prayers that she stays put on my really non existent cervix now.. Grr!

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