Day 2- 23 wks 6 days

My uterine contractions are not stable yet but the success is that I finished 12 hours of Magnesium Sulfate. They loaded the dose for the first thirty minutes and instantly I needed them to strip my clothes I was so hot and soon I was barfing and having headache with blurred vision. With in an hour or so I still had blurred vision and nausea but no more vomiting.. Blood pressure dropped but is back to normal. I am also getting Indomethacin for 72 hours to help stabilize the contractions. Haven't had any adverse reactions yet. I'm also getting a double dose of steroids of Bethethasone so that the baby's brain and lungs develop as soon as possible. The drs yes we has ten on me and 4 on Baby Piper Makenzie. The dr said that if we can not go into spontaneous labor for the next 48 hrs would be best. One because she would be out of the grey area of being 23 weeks and two because the steroids have been proven to give a week more of gestational period. We're praying that she stays put for 3 more weeks. We are not out of the woods yet!

My room number is 544. I am accepting visitors but please call prior. My room
Number is 713-704-9198 or our cells.

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