Good News!

I've been hospitalized now for 20 days.. Yea you heard me right.. 2-0. During those 20 days its not often they have good news to bear. It's rough each day hearing "worst case scenario". Due to being high risk the dr prepare you for worst case.. I'm ok with being prepared but sometime you need a break. You need some sunshine. Today I got a lil sunshine!

I think its fair to say that my sweet lil Piper is feisty like her mama. The nurses keep telling us, she already has such spunk! This baby has a personality even in the womb. She loves to play hide and seek with the monitors, which means the nurses end up looking for her. She loves to kick and kick at the monitors. Than as soon as they get her strong heart beat she's gone playing on the other side of the womb. As soon as mama wants sleep she is having a dance party! She is soo low, which concerns the dr since she is hanging out on top of my non existent cervix! But due to her being so low when she is partying it causes me some very unusual pain. Sunday she was so active that for two hours she didn't stop moving on the monitor. They said due to her activity it might be causing my uterus to contract also. Like I said the child is feisty! I think she misses being in a classroom full of noise, so now she makes her own party!

She's a fighter.. She has good survival blood in her (those German Haubrich woman)! We knew this coming to the hospital. Many times in our first trimester we thought we might lose Piper. I had emergency room visits, weekly dr appts and was on bedrest than. But, she hung on! Now in the second trimester we've been counting the days she stays put, terrified to lose her again . We were admitted at 23 weeks and they prepped us thinking she is coming. They had me prepared to have an emergency c section the night I was admitted. I mean talk about stressful.. Are we gonna save your baby or not? What do you mean save my baby? What do you mean I need to sign for Nate to make choices if I can't? It was all too much.

Now look where we are, 26 weeks and 4 days! She has hung in there with my naughty cervix funneling, changing and shortening. She has stayed put with active preterm labor and lots of contractions. She's a fighter!! So today when the dr comes in and says well let's look at your track record & he pulls up my file! He is in awe.. Second dr to say to me its a miracle you're still here. He said well since you've been here this long I have no doubt we can make it to 28 weeks!!

In disbelief I asked him to repeat it!! You're telling me you think she will hang on now instead of come. What??? We can make it to May 3.. We can!! Its a breath of fresh air I needed.

He said as long as my contractions don't get to the point of breathing thru them and my cervix doesn't thin more we are good. Piper has received all the meds she needs for best case scenario. She has had magnesium and two doses of the steroids. Even still we'd love some more time.. Piper Im going insane in this room but for you my dear I will!!!

So my request is that you please pray for these two things so that Piper may cook a little longer-no active labor and no dramatic thinning. I'd love to make it to 30 weeks, 32 weeks.. Etc.

Tomorrow we will know more about how my cervix is reacting. Whether I'm still actively contracting and whether its more dynamic or not. We are praying it is longer or same length!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

The Embleys!

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