Tomorrow's a new day.. I'm ready

Today was a hard day.. First I was woke up at 3 am for my glucose test. After they drew blood an hour later. Than Nate showered me so he could go to work and the Dr started their rounds. My favorite doctor has been on 4 days in a row. He is very conservative in his treatment and I appreciate his bedside manner. Today was the first day on a new rotation. With each dr comes a different viewpoint and it can be very hard. One doc can come in and tell you one thing and than new rotation you get a whole new set of ideas.

I had asked last week for the ffn test. It determines preterm delivery due to the glue that holds baby to the uterus and whether you're leaking it. But, at the time the dr said they knew I was at risk and the test wasn't needed. So they didn't want to test, plus you can't have had anything in the vagina for a day and I had a an ultrasound that day that could make it a false positive.

I put that on the back burner, things seemed to be more stable. Than, today on rounds the new dr decided I should have it. If it was negative it is 99% sure you won't go into labor in the next two weeks. If its positive you have a higher chance of delivery. The dr were saying if it was negative than I could possibly go home. Which made me nervous because Katy area hospitals can't deal with a preemie under 32 weeks so she would be life flighted here and we'd lose precious time. But part of me would love to know she isn't coming in two weeks. Lots of emotions.

So I wait all day on pins and needles feeling mixed emotions. To find out the test is positive. Which means I'm leaking the glue like protein that holds Piper in and at risk to deliver in the next 14 days.
In addition, I was borderline on my glucose test so I get to take it again on Wed.

It's just a lot and so much uncertainty now that I know I could deliver anytime. Possibly have gestational diabetes also?! .... Like I said rough day. I can't even think straight.

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