Sunday afternoon

Well today was one of the better days Ive had since being admitted! I absolutely love the nurses here.. Hospital procedure is move the IV site every three days by since I'm off meds I no longer need it. Yet I still had it in and my arm was sore. My other arm they blew the vein and I just didn't want one unless needed! So the nurse got it approved to not have it in my arm until needed! Which makes my arm happy and carries a lesser risk for infection since I will be here long term!! This was our first success of the day!

In addition, I haven't shown any contractions, which means no meds still. I am still having back pain and some tightening. They will monitor closely but seems today was a good day! They say they use the monitor and mothers intention.. And right now I'm content with her staying.

We had visitors again today and we are so thankful! One of my coworkers brought us lunch with a bunch of goodies to occupy my time and my mom brought us spaghetti! What a difference non hospital food makes!! We enjoyed our visitors today and all their love!!! Our room smells delicious from cupcakes and flowers!

Please continue to pray that Piper cooks!! She is hanging in there so well with 6 mm of cervix.. Lil fighter!!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.. I sure miss being able to be outside and move around!

The Embleys

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