Saturday-27 weeks 1 day

Saturday was a much better day than Friday! Friday I was alone most of the day and my meds were changed to every 4 hrs. While on the every 4 hr meds my heart rate went up and my blood pressure went low. I didn't feel good. I had killer headaches and just felt awful. Unfortunately, I had a different nurse that day who wasn't that attentive either. So it was kinda a rough day when you're alone feeling sick and no one comes. Luckily, my trusty Sandra came and checked on me multiple times and than my mom showed up.

Friday night my blood pressure got a little too low and heart rate was still a concern so they put my meds back to every 6 hours on Saturday which makes me feel so much better. My blood pressure and heart rate have returned to almost normal. Nate went home Friday night so he brought me clean clothes and Chickfila for lunch! Beats cafeteria food. Than we got to go outside for a ten minute wheel chair ride!! The dr called it my recess since I am a teacher and I was begging to have one!! I got my recess since I didn't contract! It was muggy and rainy but I didn't care it wasn't in these four walls and I could smell fresh air and see people!! It was weird to see cars after 24 days in here. Ten minutes went by really fast. Next week if I am still doing well without alot I contractions I get to have a wheel hair date with Nate to the cafeteria. So romantic.. Not but it would be a change of scenery.

After the wheel chair ride we came back and I was tired. My body isn't used to being vertical after 24 days in bed so I rested. Than a horrible storm hit Houston. Nate and I cuddled up and watched tv. Right at shift change the hospital called a code grey due to inclement weather. Which means anyone on staff has to stay because there was so much flooding they were having trouble staffing nights. Our nurse Jenny is 29 weeks and she was exhausted.. Luckily we brightened her now going on 15 hr shift with coffee and cake! I'm not sure when she finally got to leave because we got our new nurse also named Jennie but we knew Jenny was still here too. Long day for the nurses.

Well that was our Saturday! Super exciting to get out of my room. But yet I was scared to go longer than 10 mins. I was afraid my body might decide something else. Luckily Piper behaved and I don't contract afterwards.. Just lots of pressure in my pelvic.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.. Doing something fun for me!

I included pics of our recess and Nate on his bed reading National Geographic. He read it to me and my nurse (insert dork here)!! Love that dork though!!

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