My Mpe family..

I work at this amazing place.. I knew it was amazing before I even took the job because I had the lovely privilege of going to school there. Teaching at the school you went to as a child makes it so familiar and special. But, the people there are so special too! I think of them as family!

In this hard time, I know God knew what he was doing when he allowed me to take the position at MPE. I couldn't work in a better place. I'm confident my students are being cared for.. even though it so hard to not have said goodbye. I know my team is doing everything needed, which is a huge stress off my shoulders.

I've learned so much from soo many amazing people. They have given me wonderful opportunities to continue my learning. Not only have I learned from these people but they truly care about you. You don't have that at every work place and I know because I've worked at other places.

Today one of my coworkers brought me lunch and to visit. With her, she brought ogles of cards, gifts and beautiful things from my lovely friends and family at MPE. I've been hanging all my cards on my cabinet in the room to see daily and now there is a beautiful plethora from MPE! I also have this amazing cross to look at made for Piper! It's so gorgeous and I can wait to put in her room and tell her that she was being prayed for by all these people! It's amazing the love and support we have! Thank you MPE!! Brought me to tears.. I miss you all.

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