Long time.. no talk.

Well 2011 has come and gone..with the end of the fall semester coming to an end the Embleys have been busy! I have 2 more classes in my masters till I graduate! I am attending a Beth Moore bible study once a week and another bible study once a week also which have both kept me so busy and so in touch with what I want with my life. Teaching for Nate and I is of course busy!Keeping up with family/ social committments around the holidays is enough to make anyone crazy!! I will post pics from the holidays soon. I have alot to catch up on.

We have had great things happen in 2011 and some not so fortunate things..
2011 we celebrated 7 years togeather and 1 year married by traveling to Roatan, Belize and Honduras (mexico on the way home).  We got pregnant again and lost a baby again, we started the adoption process which is still just in the works.. We traveled to Illinois to see family during the summer and Christmas which we are so blessed to have time off to spend with family . We did tons of projects on our home.. which makes us feel so blessed everyday because neither of us ever imagined we would live here! This is our 3rd year in this home and we still love it! Of course if you just asked me (Tricia) I would say let's paint those maple cabinets turqouise, put in marble counters, add a farmhouse sink and subway tile glass backsplash.. but hey who's dreaming here!! Tricia updated the downstairs with a touch of beach and vintage charm. I am still loving all the beachy touches and personal moments we have added to this house. We are still amazingly blessed to be living in this home and have jobs that provide for us day in and day out!!   I lost my grandmother Ebert..who inspired me to be a woman of faith, adore my family and pursue educational dreams. We meet many new people who we have become blessed to know and we have deepened many relationships we already had. We found a church (which has amazing worship).. Nate says the best part is it is literally 5 minutes away and they serve coffee during service..I like that Nate is comfortable and that the people are we all know I love music so it helps it is has a great worship band!  I also found a group of woman who invited me to their private bible study where I was privy to rediscover my roots with Christ, make deep relationships where I can be me and not judged.. that is so real and AMAZING!! But like I said we have had our string of sorry luck.. we're still a little anxious about what our family planning will be- at this point we are leaving it in larger hands!  December was hard a month for us.. right before Christmas I fell down the stairs (wood stairs) and had a stint at the hospital. I am still recovering from neck/back injury and a concussion. In addition, I ran into another car after a party (no I wasn't drunk) our car is fine but the other car needs repairs! Plus, our oven broke all within one week of each other.We felt we couldn't catch a break!

Yet 2011 has been beautiful and we are blessed.. we are confident God will bring us Great things in 2012. Today while I was driving I heard the most powerful song.. it stated all I needed to hear to sum up 2011 Listen to it and I hope it speaks to your heart too..   Strong Enough- Matthew West

I promise in 2012 I'll try to blog more.. blogging is peace to my soul. It's like a journal for me and it helped me so much through the hard times but lately I have been leaning on something that is so much bigger than me and it feels good. Feels good to let go of all the weight we all carry with us everyday. I think I needed a break..

Happy New Year Here's to 2012.
what if..