So I promised in 2012 I would write more posts.. hahah someone should be laughing! This has been my busiest year yet. I have started a home design business called Bless'd Nest Designs.  Here is the website.. hoping to put up more pics in the portfolio section soon. Bless'd Nest Designs
I am still teaching full time with a particularly challenging class, going to school fulltime for my Masters in Education Leadership & Administration- someone cheer I am in my last two classes!!!! And I am in my probationary year of teaching with my certificate which means that I have extra classes to hold the certificate. Yet after this summer I will hold a traditional certificate.. which hopefully with my masters, two years of teaching and a traditional certification someone will want me in their district so I can get insurance and benefits!!! As you can see I have been BUSY! Oh and don't forget once a week bible study held at mi casa..Yet I have still managed to keep my head on straight somehow.

Well like I said in the last post I spent christmas eve in the hospital due to a serious concussion. It took me all thru January and some of Feb.  to finally start feeling better. Head injuries are no fun- after being in the classroom all day I would come home with a migraine and clunck out.. I got behind in my masters and my teaching certification classes and on grading for work because I just had the worst headaches, eye strain and vertigo. Plus for 6-8 weeks it was light duty- no working out. Finally I am back to ME! Walking every day with Nate and Scout, catching up on school work and just feeling good! Which is prolly another reason why I am so behind in updating yall on our lives..sorry!

So with feeling good comes with some changes to the house :). Next week I go to Atlanta to help my first big client, than I pick up my furniture from my grandmother's house. Can't wait for all of that and spring break! Nate and I have some big gardening plans for spring break. This past Monday marked our delivery date of our baby.. it was a rough day for me. But we decided we were gonna plant a flowering tree in honor of the baby in the back yard.  After Spring break it won't be long till we are sitting pretty on a beach in flordia and than visiting with my biological father's parents ( Grandma & Grandpa Cates) in oregon. Which Nate has never been to the west coast so it will be a blast.

In Home Decor  I am working on my gf's house in Atlanta as well as an office of one of my bible girls! So while shopping for their rooms I came across this awesome garden stool at home goods. I love garden stools and wanted one all summer long. I looked at good will, consignment shops but because they are so trendy they were all over priced. This one was marked down due to season and it has a paint drip on one side.. my philosphy is a flaw makes it that more unique! So I brought it home and it looks great with the added white I need in the house plus the detail match my other new purchase over the fireplace.

 Here's the stool with my lovely tulips from Nate..

In addition to that spectacular find, I moved the three mirrors over the fireplace the the formal living room side where my french couch and hutch will be and now have this beauty..See how the detail of the mirror and stool play off each other?
Oh and those candle sticks are Miranda Lamberts and Blake Sheltons wedding candles..I bought the candles at Home goods for 4 bucks and they are PB knock offs of the map ones which go for almost 30 bucks a candle.. these aren't tropical maps like PB, But of europe..suprisingly nate liked them too. So the back story on this beauty of a mirror is it is handcarved in Bali and if you look closely it has leaves as the corners which remind me of a mirror we had in our honeymoon suite which was a thatched roof cottage. Nate said it is girly but he likes it. Allison always says I need more feminine items in the house and I think this one is great. But in the reflection of the mirror is the fan.. lets be real you have to have a fan in Houston. It is hot like 80% of the year and removing it would be ridiculous especially with the tall ceilings.. we just need the extra air movement. But I hated the frosted glass boob light cover. I wanted to order a drum shade kit I saw online and researched it but they started out at 300 bucks. So while at lowes I looked at fans with drum shades.. I like light to be deflected so I thought it was the perfect solution. Fans with drumshades are ridiculously expensive.
 Look at this beauty for 700 bucks-Drum Shade Fan!!Well I don't know about you but I thought it was an easy fix.. I took of the boob light and I have a rod that goes down the center of the fan with a nut that holds the old boob light cover. I just hooked a lamp shade right over.. total cost nothing!

So what do you think??? I love it.. I know it isn't everyone style but hey it makes me happy. I also love things that aren't like everyone else house. Everyone has a fan with those ugly light covers on it. Why not make it a little different?

In addition to that lighting project, we also installed a chandy in my dressing room area in the master bedroom. I have a narrow hall which on one side has a vanity which I store my jewels at and the other side is our master closet with massive mirrored doors. I just wanted an added touch of sparkle. I still need to get a chandy linen cord cover but other wise she is pretty and I love seeing her when I get ready (she being the chandy people)!
The door you see closed is my master bath.. I'll give ya better pics later- as you see we've been busy! Last on the project list is changing of the hooks in the master bath.. remember I changed the knobs on the vanity to vintage glass..which makes the chandy in the hall the perfect transition to the bathroom with all it's vintage shabby chic knobs! Below are the pics I posted way back..

Well the shower hooks were just plain silver and nothing spectacular.. we have had since oh probably my college days and they were starting to rust.. If I  really wanted to I could have spray painted them silver again.. but instead I found these beauties..
It was the perfect match to the pulls on the cabinets- I had to have them and they add the perfect amount of sparkle to our morning routine..

Well that's all that I have now.. we are having beautiful weather lately. Mild temps with lots of sunshine. All the plants think it is spring so I can't wait to get my hands dirty in the back yard over break.