Pics of Piper

These pics are the past week of kangrooing, first bottle, and first breast feed successfully! She pulled out her feeding tube last week so they have now taped it across her face! Hopefully we will be getting that out sooner than later!!

My favorite pic is of daddy covered in her blanket kangrooing her! The man who disposed pink is now covered in it.. By choice. We went to the store yesterday to pick up a baby first kit with clippers, thermometer.. Etc.  There was two kits and one was cheaper by five dollars but it was white. The more expensive one was pink. I told Nate let's just get this one.. He said no she's a girl she needs pink!! This is the man who told me not too much pink in her room!! Haha!! 

Daddy already spoils her! He also loves kangroo care so much he asked jokingly so we do this till she is ten right?! 

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