24 wks 2 days-Sunday

Well last night was the first night the nurses weren't in a hundred times. Which is a good sign health wise and for my sleep! I'm having horrible night sweats due to this place being extremely cold and wearing the hoses to prevent clots. Waking up drenched is soo gross! But we made it thru the night.

Yesterday they stopped the medicine for the contractions becuz its only given for 72 hrs. I did well last night but we're hoping my body keeps up with no
contractions. Little concerned they will start again! If I do start it will be back to meds, which have a risk for baby but at this point we're just trying to keep her inside. They did say at 30 wks there was less that they give due to these risks but being 24 wks we are doing what they say. It's super hard for me to be taking all these drugs knowing they are going to her but I know research states that this time could save her life! It's such a toss up! Time in womb or meds.. This point we are choosing time!!

Like I said yesterday.. What you have planned in life.. Well it doesn't always go that way! We're taking it one day at a time.

Again, I can't thank you all enough for the love, support and prayers! Without y'all we wouldn't be making it!

Below you get to see me hooked up to monitors and my Ted hoses! Enjoy me looking like a hot mess!


  1. :) You're such an amazing mother to be! Do what you need to do for a healthy baby! You'll continue to be in my thoughts and prayers Tricia!! :)