My blessing-My husband

Have you meet my husband? Nathan Benjamin.. Sure he looks like any other Midwestern farm boy, athletic and funny.. But have you met his heart. God gave Piper & I his heart. God chose us to live with this man.. This unbelievable man I can hardy put in writing of what he is.. But I will try.
I met this man ten years ago, a young college girl working in a sports store. I helped him on my last day working there and he asked me out. At the time I been on a no man break due to some hard times and I was in finals. So I calmly said if you can wait two weeks I'd love to. He did. We emailed, talked and two weeks later we had our first date at the museum & memorial park.. Irony my room overlooks where we had our first date.
In those first years, I lost my dad. My mom was diagnosed with cancer. I graduated UH and took an accounting job. I grew up with him... Through trials he loved and supported me. He proposed and we bought a house. A year later our house was destroyed by hurricane Ike. I decided to go back to school due to his recommendation that I always was and will be a teacher and we got married in Hawaii. It was by far my dream wedding and some of the best days of my life in Hawaii. We cherish those memories. He gave me a pep talk before every teaching job interview and helped me thru my first yr teaching which we all know is sink or swim.

What I didn't know when I met Nate, was he was my gift from god. This man is so patient, calm, cool and collected. He's a man that's non confrontational, loves routine and to travel. He's passionate about things in life and the hardest worker I've ever met. He teaches full time, coaches full time and owns his own business on the side.. In addition he has no rules about what a woman and man should do in a household. He has no problem cooking, cleaning now and doing laundry to care for us. He does it without a single bat of an eye. He has no problem discussing with me how he's feeling-it wasn't always like that.

I always knew he was a good one.. But this trial.. It's open my eyes to my husband to fall in love with him again in a new way. He hasn't left my side, he's slept on an air mattress beside me to wake all hours of the night for my care. He's held my hand when I wake scared. He's bathed me daily. Brushed my hair. He's reminded me of my faith when I forget. He's strong.. He encourages me when I think physically I don't have the strength. Which I know is hard for him because this isn't routine, this isn't the plan. But yet he has taken it so well. He is my biggest advocate of what should be done to protect his wife and child.. A side I never expected from a non-confrontational person. He listens closely to the doctors, researches with me and presents his own concerns. He reminds me this is a team effort daily.

I know it sounds like any other husband right.. Except he is the only man on my floor to be here every single day for his wife. He is one of the few husbands the doctors actually see on rounds. He is one of the few husbands to care for his wife in the manner he has. How do I know, well for one the team has mentioned it and you see who comes and goes here. The staff even comments how lucky I am & wants to know our story.

I can't imagine going thru this alone. I don't think I could. When in my most doubtful moments, Nates there strong to remind me.. Gods gift to me.

I have no doubt in my mind what kind of father he will be to our daughter. I have no worries about our marriage as people prep us for the stress and toll it can take. I married an amazing man who still makes me laugh as tears pour down my eyes. I met a man, that I'm so proud to say he is mine..

That's just a tender look into the heart of a man Piper gets to be raised by.. What a privilege I get to see. Even if it will only be for a couple hours, days or years. I can't wait to see him with our daughter.

By no means was this written to brag about my husband, were all creatures if imperfection. But I know right now what a burden financially, emotionally and physically this has been for him and he's been a trooper. Amazing!

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