Update 23 wk 5 days-admitted

At 21 weeks we went to my Dr. and the anatomy scan showed baby Piper is doing excellent but unfortunately at the time my cervix was short. The shortest length measured was 2.25 cm and I was put on modified bed rest for two weeks an to see the UT specialist group. At that time our future options we thought were a cerclage or possible bedrest.

Well when we went in our little piper is measuring right on track 23 weeks 5 days. But my cervix had shortened dramatically 0.6 cm and having contractions. Due to the cervix funneling it is too risky to stitch without causing birth. We are in a really risky spot, we want her to develop further but we have no way to tell if I will carry longer or have her early. Due to this I have been admitted for the duration of my pregnancy at Herman Memorial in the medical center.

We're dealing with the best specialists team & we are extremely blessed to be in their care. We ask that you please continue to pray.

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