I made it to Monday!! Day 5

Praise Jesus!! We've made it to Monday which means I am currently 5 days in this place!! They weren't sure I was going to make it through the first night much less five days. Like I said yesterday I need to make 7 days to beat the birth stats but we are almost there.

When I was admitted the doctors were super worried because I was showing labor signs with the shortened cervix. But my prognosis is better now. No contractions off the meds which is a big big deal!!

Also, Dr. J just came in for his second round this morning and told me my cervix is dramatically changing which means it will lengthen and shorten. Shortest measurement is 6mm which is nothing but it can elongate to 1 cm. where as when I was admitted due to the contractions they were thinking it would just stay at 6mm. With it dramatically changing there is a prognosis for it to gain a couple mm and elongate rather than staying dangerously short.
This is the best news because it gives Piper a little more portection. Of course a normal woman has over 3 cm of cervix so we are still in danger but its good news.i can't be moving around still but they are happier with this progress! Praise The Lord!

They plan on continuing my progesterone which shows to help support the cervix and strengthen the pregnancy. In addition the membranes protecting Piper are not broken or bulging which is a super good sign! The membranes protect her against bacteria and infection and if they pop or get infected it means labor time. So its super great that the membranes are holding tight.

With all this positive news they still are requiring no sitting up, no moving.. Strict bed rest. I'm allowed bathrooms breaks and a shower in the shower seat in less than ten minutes. But we've made it to day 5, which means things are working!

Below are some pics of what I get to se daily! The residents and Dr commented on how my room is homey! Living 45 mins away from the med center, we've kinda moved in! Nate is sleeping on an air mattress instead of a chair. He brought me pics from home and with all our love and support this place doesn't feel so hospital! Nate even has his Keireg here which is a big hit with the dr! Lol!

Happy Monday! Let's pray for one more day cooking!

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