25 weeks

This morning one of my favorite nurses surprised me with balloons and a banner!! I made it to 25 weeks!!

Otherwise, things are just moving along. My cervix is still constantly changing from 1 cm to 8 mm and medically there is nothing we can do. But with contractions it's bad. So they have put me on a drug to help lessen the contractions. It is suppose to have no risks to baby like the indomencin. It can cause light headedness and headaches! Otherwise I'm being treated for a UTI which can also cause irritable uterine contractions.

We are super excited to made it to 25 weeks and my dr made me a deal that if my ultrasound of my cervix looks ok and my contractions level out I might get a wheel chair ride to the zoo! A visit out of the hospital. The zoo is right next door but its better than being here!

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