A little rough

I'm not gonna sugar coat it.. Tonight was rough. We had good friends bring us dinner and when I got up to go to the restroom I suddenly had a lot of pressure back and front. So the nurses hook me back up to the monitor.. The dr comes rushing in to examine. Everything is ok for now just a lot of discomfort! I hate the examines and it makes me nervous. Than they go to draw blood and twice roll or blow my vein! I don't do well with needles- like I end up on the floor but stick me twice and get nothing! In addition we found out one of my tests came back positive so they will have to give me antibiotics at delivery.

It just wasn't a pleasant evening to say the least! Luckily Piper seems to be staying. Let's pray she will cook for a couple more days.

I'm thankful so much for these nurses and drs ad they are very careful with what's happening .. It's just such a roller coaster of emotions!

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