27 weeks

We've made it.. 27 weeks and 23 days in house!

My meds have been upped because I was contracting when I was just about to get my next dose. The meds make me feel awful!! I'm just sooo tired. My heart beats faster, my blood pressure is lower and I'm just plain exhausted! Cant imagine birthing a child rt. now I'm so tired. There is a point in the day when I can't stay awake no matter how hard I try.

Piper has been growing and growing.. She sure makes her presence known when she wants to. Due to her being so low sometimes the kicks equal alot of pain in my pelvis and groin. Sure they will get worse as she gets bigger. Hopefully she will run out of room so low and have to move higher off my super c.

It's Friday, so Nate had tennis practice after school and than like 5 loads of laundry to do between the two of us. So its easier for him to stay home tonight than do it all and try to come here afterwards. Its a 45 minute drive on top of all the other stuff.. so its his one day off.. Piper better stay put!!! My mom is staying tonight just in case. Nate will be able to give the cats some love, clean the pool, do laundry and rest before coming back to the prison of the hospital ;)!

Tomorrow if no contractions I get to go outside!! My mom and Nate are allowed to take me outside for ten minutes if no contractions. No more than ten because the pressure on my pelvis. Hopefully I get to go!!

Well that's all around here.. Sorry can't even think straight on these meds.. Need a nap.


  1. Your celebratory desserts get bigger each week! By 30 you'll be smiling with a 3-tier wedding cake in your arms!!

    Congrats on 27. You're doing great! It's so lucky Nate has been able to be there so much!

    Enjoy what you can about the moment you're in. These looooong days will seem much shorter in memory. In fact, the best summation of parenting small kids I've ever heard: The days are long but the years are short.