We made it one more day!

We made it one more day which means I got my second dose of the rescue steroids. I need to keep the dose in- meaning no labor til Sunday at least for Piper to get full benefit. But in one hour Piper will be 26 weeks with the lungs of a 27 weeker which means our lovely stats are at almost 80% survival rate now.. Still at risk for brain bleed, NEC & RSV. But I think this girl is a fighter and might hang in till next week! At least that's what I'm praying.
I'm on contraction meds every 6 hrs but when the dose is about to be up I'm contracting. So they are monitoring me to see if I need it every 4 instead. As long as my membranes and water don't break, the contractions are only worry. Each time I contract it pushes baby closer to the cervix potentially starting labor. Piper is already head down having the time of her life on my non existent cervix so contractions aren't helping us! The stomach contractions I feel but I don't feel the uterine contractions sometimes. Very odd.

Today my hair dresser came and cut, styled and highlighted my hair. It really lifted my spirits. I feel like a new woman. I feel good! She also cut Nates hair and another patient! I can't believe she was able to give me a great cut and color all in bed! That's talent!

In addition, my mommy and stepdad came. Shay made me homemade venison spaghetti, salad and bread sticks. So much better than cafeteria food! He also ran out today for me and bought receiving blankets for the isolete in NICU for Piper. Because they are low birth weight they wrap the isolete in hospital blankets. One of the NICU moms recommended her own and flannel to help control her temp. Shay even is washing them with dreft the baby soap! He also bought a birth pillow for Piper! He's such a good stepdad! They have also been caring for Scout.. Im not sure Scout is going to want to come home now! We joke that they will get visitation rights of their granddog and grandchild!

Lastly, Tara and her daughter came to see us. She brought me the most beautiful cross, frame and journal! They are all going in Piper's room!! It was nice to catch up with her and take my mind off all this crazy mess! Next time we new to catch up way before friend.. It was too long!

One more hour 26 weeks! I was admitted at 23 this is a huge success!!!!! Yeah!

Below are the pics of Nate & I with our new hair dos. The second pic Nate took of me wearing my new pjs from Terri & Patty! I love em! The last pic is my stepdad and my dog!! Overall sucessful day even though I had a blood draw and a shot! We made it another day and mama feels pampered! Thank you friends and family.. Y'all amaze me with your love. I needed it bad!!

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