Lil Scare

So we got good news this morning but by the afternoon I felt like something wasn't right. Each time I sneezed or coughed I felt a trickle. I told my nurse and they watched and than sent the team in to check and make sure my water hadn't broken.

After the test and exam, it was determined I'm still good. But they will double check the fluids again tomorrow by ultrasound. Dr Haus (my fav) was on staff today and she had a bad day with some other patients so she came in saying this isn't the day Tricia! She was just as relieved as I was Piper is still cooking. It's so nice to have her and Sandra by my side when these worrisome things happen. God sure blessed me with some quality good people!!

Nate said he was surprised I was so calm. But honestly this is out of our hands. Sandra kindly reminded me when I was concerned that our plan wouldn't change, it just means we'd watch for infection. Luckily, my sac is in tact and its just the hormone supplement my body is melting away.. Lovely right?! Just a relief it wasn't Piper coming!! No one said pregnancy was easy.. Lol!

Prayers please for tomorrow's tests!!

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