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I know I haven't posted the last two days. It was a busy busy weekend with lots of friends and family. We're so thankful to have them all visit! Especially when I get to eat anything but hospital food!!

But in addition, Piper is going thru a growth spurt so I'm so tired. Which is a good sign becuz we want a fat baby ;). Plus having contractions up and down really does one over on your body. So my dr recommendation today was rest to help ease the contractions. They say almost anything can cause them, but most of the time it is stress, exhaustion and dehydration. Kinda hard to control the stress since one day here everything is fine and than the next it's chaos! And there is no sleep in a hospital.. Someone is always pricking you, poking you, giving you meds. As soon as you doze there they are again!

So today was a recoup day from all my physical exhaustion. We are hoping the contractions settle down and I'm more stable in that manner. If my contractions could control themselves I could get a wheelchair ride. Which I'm so itching to be outside even if it is for 10 mins. I have been inside for 19 days--- 19 days in the same room with no walking, no sunshine, no breeze... I miss outside.. I miss walking. I miss my students and them keeping me soo busy! I miss busy!

I asked my dr how soon I can walk after birth and I've decided to have a dance party in the OR after if I'm up to it lol! I just look forward to a standing shower longer than 10 minutes (I have to sit now and less than 10 mins). I look forward to rolling in grass, sand in my feet at the beach, windows rolled down!! I miss strolling the aisles of Target and Homegoods.

But it's all worth it for Piper! They thought she'd come at 23 weeks and look where we are!! Thanks for all the support! Keep the prayers coming.. Each day is day she needs.

We have tests to measure Piper and he super c on Wed. We are hoping for better results than last week. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Wednesdays are a hard day!!

Nate, Tricia & The amazing Piper

Ps Aunt Susie the flowers are gorgeous! Thanks a lot we feel the love from Illinois!

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