Our out of Town Bags

Since most of our guests will be coming from out of town- even us, we thought it would be nice to pacakage some little things in a welcome bag! I ordered these cute mini totes in hibiscus print and we plan on packing full of fun things.

I also ordered some personalized bags that are in aqua with our names, the date and Waikiki, Hawaii in pink to put a little care kit in, that includes sunscreen wipes, chapstick, pepto bismol and advil...the perfect cure for a great party. We then made a personalized pamplet for our guests with information about what to do on the island, maps of the island and a schedule for the day of the wedding. Also on the back of the pamplet is our contact information- cell phones, where we are staying at etc. In case a guest needs to contact us. Then I had made starfish and seashells soaps in aqua and pink in tropical smells to add to the bag. We also put in a beach ball, fresbe, hula boy/girls koozies and deck of cards for fun!! And to make sure all our guests are greeted true Hawaiian style we included a Hawaiian Floral Lei! I know it is kinda cheesy but it goes along great with our big fat Hawaiian Luau Wedding!!

Also since it is a destination wedding we decided we didn't want the traditional guest book. So we included a stack of hawaiian postcards for each guest to write something they enjoyed about their trip and mail it back to us. We also included enought that they could mail a couple to friends.

Then at the ceremony we decided to include personalized bottles of water and some hawaiian beer for guests to enjoy and we are going to be putting it in a inflatable baby pool (think Hawaii- everything has to be mailed there or packed there). And guests will be getting a palm fan to keep cool during the ceremony. (Pics posted above).

I hope everyone enjoys the bags and the little personal touches we have tried to incorporate into the wedding. I have had a ton of fun planning these little things like the out of town bags and putting them just to get them to Hawaii.

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