The Sacred Name Change

First let me say Thank God it is Friday & Happy Birthday to my Mom!! I sure hope she is enjoying her birthday.

Well I was sitting at my computer and all of a sudden up pops an email with steps to change your name. I knew this was coming.. I mean sooner or later I am going to have to come to grips with this choice.

I have nothing against the Embley is actually a much better name than Buckholtz and shorter. I also believe that I should have Embley as my last name because it symbolizes that we are a family- a unit- the start of our future. Plus in the future when we have children their last name will be Embley- I don't want to be the mother who gets calls from the school and they automatically assume I am a single mother or divorcee- not anything against single moms (nate and I both were raised by them). On top of that when you are growing up you know everyone as Mr & Mrs.. so & so. It was never Mr. Embley & Ms. Buckholtz. So I think I have grown accustomed to seeing married people as a unit. But the choice I am having the hard time with is not not taking Nate's last name.. it is what do I do with my last name. I refer to it as my last name because I hate that people call it your 'maiden' all women were maidens waiting for their prince charming to come and change their whole name. I am not a maiden in distress.. much less a maiden.

I have an issue with what to do with my last name because well my whole life I have been a Buckholtz.. that is what linked me to my family unit and I know by getting married and changing my name it isn't taking away that family unit but I almost feel like it is erasing my bond to my family. My sisters are Buckholtz's and then now I will be an Embley- it is just weird for me. On top of that all my accomplishments up to this point are Tricia Buckholtz and then in one day it will be like I didn't even exist because I am now Tricia Embley. Both of my degrees will have my last name not Embley- so I feel like I have worked hard to establish a name for myself and in one day I wont be that person anymore. I know some of you think this is ridiculous that I would feel so attached to a name.

So my choices here are to drop my last name all together and just take Embley. Or I could take my last name and his and just hyphen. But that is one long last name Buckholtz-Embley. Or my last choice could be that I take my last name and use it as my middle name and his as my last name. Which right now I really don't want my middle name to be Buckholtz but I would much rather have my last name then not have it at all.

Any Suggestions?

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