Bath Updates-DIY Projects 17

My 1/2 Guest bath is nice it just wasn't what I wanted..It is right off the kitchen and the only bath on the 1st level which means it sees alot of action when company is over and there are pool parties. I wanted it to have a beachy feel but I didn't want to have to repaint. I might still paint it blue but I am not sure. Prior to this make over the bath was very tuscan so I lightened it with coastal beachy accessories..take a look

I added a light from a buffet lamp since this room is tiny & has no natural light. I contemplated removing the standard grade mirror but it bounces so much light around I am going to frame it out instead. (Think Summer Project)

So our bath is very 1980's when the house was built. We have done minimal improvements. Sorry this bath is very tiny so it is hard to photograph. I have tried to take it from every angle. We have a tile backsplash up the walls that matches the kitchen's backsplash. I want to add molding around the mirror, stain the cabinets black and the walls blue but that is another day! I actually have the stain for the cabinets just waiting to be put on.. but I figure I will do it this summer..Until than this is the changes made and I am pleased with them. I love the beachy frames with pics from Hawaii.

I hate the cabinets handles and I atteptemed to make them over by spraying them bronze to match the other accessories in the room- but they were so plain. I went to Hobby Lobby because the knobs were 50% and wanted to change them out on the space saver above our toilet in our bath. I couldn't find what I had in mind for our master but I found these awesome nautical handles.. I think they are fun and I understand they are not for everyone.. but hey we pay the mortgage and handles are a minimal risk to take in home decor. So here is the before with the standard oak cabinets and handles I attempted to save but didn't love even after they were bronze-

And here are my beautiful 50% off Hobby Lobby nautical knobs.. the color is navy sorry the pics are distorting the color a bit.

So what do you think? Minimal risk like I said.. if I don't like them later I won't feel bad since I paid so little..

On to the master bath. The cabinets in here were the same as the half bath but in both upstairs baths I painted them a creamy white to lighten the space. We have two sky lights above the bath (these pics were taken at night so excuse the darkness). The only other changes we have made is replacing the subflooring, toilet and floor and tiling the shower. We also painted! I'd love to replace the counters in all three bathrooms but I don't think that is in the budget for quite some time and Nate doesn't feel it is neccessary! If something isn't broken he doesn't like to replace it.   Here are a couple pics of what it looks like daily..

Looking in from Master bedrrom (conch shell from Flordia Keys Engagement Trip & Aloha Sign) Towels , Rugs & Shower Curtain all purchased from Bed, Bath & Beyond from our registry.

Nate's side of sink (that is our wedding signature photo) Glass Jars from Hobby Lobby which hold Q-tips, Cotton Balls, and Shells from our trips to Flordia & Texas Beaches.
Here is my side.. the milk glass dish holds my jewelry that I wear daily.

Now you are probably wondering where all my makeup and etc is keep. Well I use wicker baskets that can be put up easiely.. here is a pic of my big baskets of daily uses.

Big question still where is the toilet?? Well it is in a watercloset the size of my foot. I mean don't get me wrong our bath is spacious except the water closet and I like that it is seperate so I shouldn't complain. Here it is looking in..
I just added vintage jars with hydrangeas and an old shutter on the space saver. I am looking for new knobs as we speak (vintage flair). Take a look at what I have done..

The star is made of a conch shell and says Tricia loves Nate.. we got it in the Bahamas on our engagement trip to the Keys and Bahamas.. I love it.  The shutters remind me of the Bahamas and Keys. Each house had beautiful colored shutters for hurricane season!  
On the wall opposite the toilet is my subway beach words.. I love it because look at the bottom rows.. the beach we were married on and our wedding date.

Well hope you enjoyed the updates I will share pics once I complete the cabinets in the 1/2 bath and get new knobs for the master. Have a happy Tuesday.

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