Olio Mood Boards! LUV!!!

I found this awesome wsebsite this weekend. I love it. It is soo awesome.
I have been getting the PB Kids & PB Teen Magazines with my regular PB magazine. I love looking thru it and thinking about what the nursery of our first born will look like. PB just kicked off their summer line with tons of ocean/beach inspiration ( I lust so bad after). 
Since I have no other rooms in the house to complete anymore I decided to create some mood boards for girl and boy nurseries. Both sexes will have our beautiful dresser and rocker in it. So there needs to be a touch of green and blues in both. Also I thought the perfect theme would be ocean/beach since we got engaged on the cruise and married on a beach. Plus the beach  is a very relaxing place to be and I want the nursery to be calming but something that can transition for a growing child.  An added bonus is I have always been a beach girl- but Nate teaches aquatic science- so it is kinda a tribute to both of us in the space. My favorite colors are blues (aqua), white and pink.. so here is the first board I came up with.
I love the hints of pink and turquoise. Lots of blues (beachy yet still girly). Almost everything on the board is from PB TEEN or PB Kids..except the rocker which is ours.  The drapes are striped and sheers have sea turtles. I love em!! We swam with the sea turtles in Hawaii and in Hawaii the Honu Turtle is seen to protect children & bring health and happiness to those who respect them. No matter what there will be sea turtles in the room some how (even if it is a small touch).  I want to buy the sea turtle sheers now but I can't find a place for them in the house other than a nursery!! Next I made two boards for a boy- one is an island theme and the second is more a beach theme with sea turtles.

I am more drawn to the second board.. of course all of these are just ideas and I just wanted to play around on OLIO Board. I am sure by the time Nate and I actually have kids there will be something totally different out there for me to fall in love. I just had to share my adorable nursery boards. Go check out olio board it is awesome!!

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