Last week was an incredibly long week.. I had projects to do around the house, my ring to get fixed, hair appts, my mom's appt, Nate's appt, than spending all day Friday setting up for the science festival and all day Saturday at the festival. Needless to say I am exhausted. Even after my extra day off Monday I am still exhausted.  I slept in Monday- but than last night I stayed up late trying to finish my presentation for my master's class and with yesterday off today really is my monday! I hate Mondays! Luckily for me, I get to go and see Jake play tball tonight and play with lil miss Mia. Yesterday I also got to snuggle with Miss Gracie Lewis and play with Gordon ( I say play but lil G Man is shy around me).. he warms up right when I am leaving..lol. Guess I will have to spend more time with him this summer.

Well last week I showed you my DIY calendar for our family. I wanted to create a family message center of sorts on this wall. Keeping it fun! I wanted somewhere where we could display notes, pictures and maybe eventually kiddos art.

I have decided that when I first decorated our house it was too serious and grown up. It wasn't to my tastes because I thought I needed to decorate according to what everyone else was. When in reality I like things fun, light and not serious at all. I like bright colors like white, blue, greens..etc. And even if I change my mind later at least I gave it a shot right. Plus your house should be a reflection of you and what you love so now I am trying to build that in our home.

I loved the kitchen gallery memo wall I created but I thought it needed a tack board and some color. I didn't want to put too much up and make it too busy since it is a narrow hallway. Plus I couldn't find any boards I liked that weren't over 100 bucks (I love Ballards with the lovely frames). Than I went on DaySpring with my 25% off and found great stuff for the gallery wall in the stairs and the kitchen.

I found this awesome metal strip with clips to display art, notes or pictures. I also loved that the clips had scriptures and inspirational qoutes on them with cute things like flowers. I took a close up of the clips. they have this in black and brown. I love them and it wasn't expensive.


I also found this awesome plague and I loved the bright colors!

Here is a pic of the whole wall now.. I love it and how inspiring it is. Plus we can display our favorite people next to the calendar too!

Hope you like the gallery wall!
I have all the frames for the gallery wall up the staircase but have yet to start. I know the pictures I want to display but I want to hang the frames first in case I want to rearrange the frames. I bought another frame from DaySpring to display. Here it is:

I really liked the saying and the beach theme to it.  And here is my stack of frames just waiting to be hung and filled. I got two shadow boxes to fill with hawaii reminders of our wedding/honeymoon trip. Oh and yess that is my backpack on the ground too..lol.
On an end note- someone in our house is enjoying the spring weather and the windows open (Bella). She just adores sitting high in windows and furniture. Here she is stalking birds from the window. Bella and Smokey actually fight over open windows so Bella always ends up in the bathroom window because she is mobel enough to get up there.


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