Thrify Decor Chick

Everyone loves a great Before and After.. I especially love them! So jump on over to Thrifty Decor Chicks blog and see her linky party with sooo many great DIY projects (inspiration hello)..

I especially love her mantel redo. I adore the slate mixed with mosiac tiles. I would love to do a back splash in this in my bath rooms.. but not A girl can dream right.

I have been busy this evening with my own DIY projects, folding laundry, painting, and a trip to Hobby Lobby. I have been avoiding my Master's Paper like the plague. I will post pics tomorrow since I have homework to do.. Procrastination really should be my legal middle name instead of my maiden name.

Oh yea I did keep my maiden name as my legal middle name. I know I wrote a post on this big choice after the wedding bells took place.. so I thought I would update you!! I felt it was my tie to my sisters, my history and all my hard work under that name that I keep it. It is also easier when showing verification such as my passport still listed as my maiden name.. my birth certificate, my degrees..etc.  You can't erase history so I just let it tag along with my new name ;)

Have a wonderful night I am off to write, study and hopefully enjoy a glass a wine!

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