This time last yr.

This time last year I was freaking out about my wedding and bridal shower, finalizing every little detail..trying to lose weight..hating my accounting job, saving every little dime for the wedding, focusing on finishing school to be a teacher while completing a degree for accounting I will never use now, fretting about my teaching test and finding a new job and dreaming of Hawaii while listening to Bob Marley, Jack Johnson & Micheal Franteli & The Spearheads.

This time this year- as in right now.. I am dreaming of Hawaii still (what's new- I am an island girl and if I can retire on one I will), dreaming of a having child, dreaming of summer,  trying to maintain my weight for a healthy pregnancy, trying to save $ still but for a baby not a wedding, fretting about my teaching job, studying for my masters in education and just keeping my head above water. It is amazing what a year can do in your life. We have had a wonderful year full of great memories but we have had our share of trials. God has shown me that I need to trust and follow and I am hoping this next year I will be so much better at that than I have! Here's to another year!

Common trend in both years other than money and Hawaii .. I am one anxious worrisome girl and I need to let go of that..working on that too. Here are a few of my favs from the moment we got engaged, engagement pics, wedding and honeymoon. Have fun looking.. it took me a whole year to plan that wedding and I wouldn't change much other than my no show ukulele player and hula girl.. Nate and I talk about Hawaii all the time.. we miss it!
 One of Our Engagement pics with my shoes!

The day before our wedding walking from Rehersal Dinner at Duke's to the Tiki Bar..
 Aww Beautiful Beaches

 My hubby singing to me making me laugh so hard to our song  Jack Johnson "Better Together"

The Day we got engaged somewhere between Key West & The Bahamas on a Cruise!

 Hawaii Honeymoon!

We tied the knot!! Damn look at my hott hubby ;)

Maybe this July instead of tying the knot in Hawaii (or getting engaged two years ago in the Caribbean), we will be getting preggo in Belize and Isle of Honduras!! Wohoo!! Wouldn't that make the perfect story! I hope my hopes are not just that... hopes! Please pray!

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