DIY Weekend- Project 16

     Friday I went out with some girlfriends and had a great time chatting about all our nerves about Education and our plans for next year. I have been having alot of anxiety about job security and my family's plans for the future due to the economic state of what is happening in America right now with Education. I'm sure you have heard it is not looking good for teachers everywhere and Texas has been spared mostly during these bad economic times but this is hitting us hard. Originally, my plan was to try to get into public school this year so I could recieve benefits and pay increase due to my Masters, but there is no way I can when public schools are laying off teachers. With that said,  I AM SO THANKFUL I HAVE A TEACHING JOB. Teaching is my passion- so I am glad I can continue to get experience to put on my resume and not be forced to go back into accounting due to the economy. Nate and I have talked and prayed about what to do next year... Luckily, Nate's job is very secure- so we will just have to deal with my pay cut of private school salary and no benefits till things start to look up again for teachers. It is a short term issue and we can survive! So after my lunch with girlfriends I was so mentally exhausted from the week and stress that I went home and vegged out in front of the TV and was asleep by 8pm (insert Lame here).
    Saturday Nate and I walked Scout and than picked up around the house. I was feeling kinda low in energy so I didn't want to start any large projects. Finally my Pottery Barn Rug came for the kitchen. Remember I slip covered the chairs to break up all the pine in the kitchen (pine table, pine chairs and pine cabinets). But with the new rug it just didn't look right. Below is a pic of the slipcovers.. Under the slip covers the cushions were covered in a striped dark red, brown and green material I had done two years ago to cover the western materail on them originally. The kitchen table and chairs were given to us by my mom and bought at Star Furniture. They are lovely so I have tried not to do anything to them.

Slip covers..
Here is the before with the old cushions and new PB rug. Not matching and hating the dark colors on the chair.. I wanted to make the house lighter- airy feeling that was fun and young. Traditional yet casaul..old cushions had to go.. Insert lightbulb moment here!
Well remember my rocker I had upholstered by Simple Matters in that fun paisley fabric? I loved the browns, greens and blues in it and  I just so happened to have 3 extra yards of fabric (free) and I was thinking of adding them to curtains panels at the bottom for the nursery. But than I thought instead of doing boring linen covers step outside your box and do something fun and different (thanks Inspired Room for the shove on mixing prints and fabrics). I asked Nate what he thought of the material against the rug. He said 'well it is kinda busy but I trust you'.  I thought what is the harm in covering them..if I hate em I can redo them and plus this is a free project!! I searched and searched for my staple gun and went to work on recovering. I was going to pull off the old material but I left them on due to the plushness of the seats and laziness on my part with pulling out a million and one staples.
Here is the after-SWOON!

Take in mind I don't usually have a ton of candles or a pedestal with eggs on the table (easter hello). Aren't the chairs and rug fabulous? I love the way the paisley picks up the colors in the rug but isn't too matchy matchy. I also love how playful and colorful it is. I'm still considering painting the chairs white or blue to break up the pine (insert Nate shacking head here- he dispises painted wood..we battled it out on the banster and than he gave in and now says he loves and I would love to still put up bead board over our back splash like Nester to pick up the whites on the other side of the kitchen. Nester just put it over her tile so that if she wanted to remove she could when she left her house. I think that is my next project in the near future (if I get to it).  I adore the PB rug (suppose to be indoor/outdoor rug-which equals bonus since it is right off the pool) it is so soft feeling. The cats are loving laying on it's softness and beautiful brightness in the sunlight. Now with the covers it is fabulous. I saw a post on Better After yesterday a blogger covered her cushions and added vinyl to keep them kid safe. I thought Brillant..Here is the transformation of her chairs ( 

I am considering this since they get wet and faded during summer pool months due to wet butts sitting on them to chow down (yes we have a gazebo with a table to eat at too- but when that table is full they come inside ;) and ruined by our friends kiddos  insert our kiddos I adore but not their messes)! My gf did this a while back and keeps telling me no no.. don't do it. But I don't want my beautiful Paisley to be ruined. I went to JoAnn's to buy the vinyl but they sell it by the bolt and at 75.99 I won't be buying it. I than found it only for 7 bucks a yard and it is in the mail. Once I add the vinyl I will share the pics.. still to decide if I should paint or not paint.. ugh.

I am just so pleased how the rug and chairs work now in the kitchen. I have to say I am in love. I walk into the kitchen and I smile. That is what I wanted. I can see many happy memories being formed around this table with our friends and family members. So perfect. I hope you adore them also. (insert happy dance here)

Here is a link to where I purchased the fabric for the rocker and chairs. I am going to purchase additional yardage so that I can complete the panels I want in the nursery!
Now I am on the hunt for vinyl to protect those beauties. Any comments on whether I should paint the chairs I would love to hear!

My other project this weekend was  hanging my PB knock off mirrors. I have been lusting over mirrors from Ballard's and PB- but with their step price tages I don't think it's in our budget. I found a tutorial from Layla at the lettered cottage, but it involved some wood work.. so I took the easy way out of purchasing mirrors. I purchased 3 beautiful mirrors and planned on hanging them above the firplace.. man was it a chore to get them straight and all aligned. The one on the right still looks off but Nate swears it is fine! The mantel is still decorated with Spring/Easter items with the Bunny Garland, Moss Bunnies (PB knockoffs also) and my Spring Blocks. After Easter is over, I will leave the hydrangeas in the milkglass vases up and have to find something for the opposite side that represents coastal summer to me.. still brain storming. I am loving all the sea/nautical stuff in the last PB catalog. Just dont want to splurge on anything yet and the mantel is only 6 inches wide (not alot to play with there). I also want to keep it simple.
Lastly,  I wanted to post some pics of my lovely springy back yard. My flowers are doing superb, the cana is starting to bloom and we have one ripe tomato! Plus look at those gorgeous irises that popped up from nowwhere?? We think the squirrels who continue to steal my bulbs and my neighbors must have burried her bulbs here and they took root.. too funny! But she now has some of my lilies and I have some of her irises! Here's to sharing flowers due to the squirrels.. nice suprise!

Busy busy week so we'll see what I get done.. here is a look at my week-
I have a hair appt this week to get my highlights done I am loving the brown with the light blonde in it now.. get my wedding band back Wed :). I'm taking my mom to the oncylogist Thursday, Nate is seeing the specialist about his ear mass Thursday also. I have a major paper due Thursday with my Masters. My school's science festival is Saturday, which means Friday long day of set up and ful day at school Saturday working the festival.

Thankfully I have Monday off to recoup!! Have a great week and please keep my family in your prayers as my mom and hubby see the doctors!

Please excuse the Someone needs to weed (Nate).

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