Angry uterus

Since I was admitted my uterus has been called irritable. Which is common in high risk short super c.. But this past week it hasn't been irritable. Is been plain out angry! Friday  starting at 3:30 I started contracting. It went from every 30 mins to 10 mins. Than we were every 1 minute. Contracted like this for about 5-6 hours total. The doctors say that if they turn regular, pain is different and pressure than they will check to see if I am progressing into labor. The pain was immensely different. Some I couldn't talk thru.. Just tears in my eyes. I can handle the pain becuz the first thing they ask is do you want meds for pain.. Nope. I want to feel to make sure if its different I know. But every time I would have a big painful contraction Piper's heart rate would dip. She would alway return back to normal level but she has never done that. It scared Nate & I. Finally after a couple hours things slowed.. Sandra threatened me with an IV and magically those babies quit.. Well and my husband water logged me. Fluids!! 

Saturday I woke up at 4:40 am to painful contractions.. Contracted from 4 am to lunch time. Nate was a nervous Nellie.. Pacing the room. He thought ok game time. Yet after water logging again I stopped. Than I was so exhausted I took two huge naps. My mom stayed so Nate could go home and clean the pool filter and take care of house duties such as the cats plus laundry. That's a whole week of contractions people!! Plus they were painful painful Friday and Saturday! I've never woke up in pain. 

While at home our beautiful rocker was delivered. I've only seen it via FaceTime and it is still downstairs in our dining room but its there!! Can't wait to see it in Pipers room. It's an upholstered rocker slipcovered in light pink. I wish I could be at home to nest!! 

Again on Saturday, Piper's hr was dipping. Dr Gei came by late last night (insert dedicated doctor to round at 9 on a weekend when not needed) to speak to me about the contractions and Piper. He recommended we cord map her on Wed.  He thinks she is either wrapped.. Or laying on cord compressing as I contract. Or even I have a cord prolapse which means cord comes first than baby during delivery which would require a csection. We just need to be prepared for whatever it is. He reassured me many babies are wrapped and when we contract it compresses. But we want to be sure where hers is for delivery purposes now since she hates when I contract too! 

As long as I've been here.. It would be disappointing not to have a vaginal natural birth.. But whatever needs to happen to keep my Piper safe!! So pray that the cord is where it needs to be! Also please pray that this cycle of contractions stops! We need 3 more weeks! 

Attached are my 30 week pics! Praise Jesus we are here!! Thanks for your prayers along the Way! 

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  1. Seeing your precious bump is so sweet! You have grown so much since being trapped! You look gorgeous momma!