Update & Prayers needed

My trusty followers are waiting for an update I know! So here are the ins and outs. 

May 7 started my first was my first 48 on iindomencin again. I was given it when I was first admitted for preterm labor. It is the hardest drug they can give for labor but it can only be given 48-72 hours depending how far along you are. Seeing as I was admitted at 23 weeks they first administered for 72 but now in the third trimester it is riskier so I'm only allowed to be on it safely 48 hours. 

After 48 hours its very determinal to Piper. It's been known to close the main artery in the heart and decrease amnotic fluid. In addition the FDA has not approved it as a long term solution drug even though some practitioners believe in using it. Fortunately, my doctors are saying we will not continue the drug after 6 pm. Which is reassuring they are proactive in protecting my child but I worry about labor! 

In addition, I can't go back on the previous drug I was on for contractions, procardia because it was causing SVT a heart condition. Which isn't good for me or baby. I don't want to have a heart disease or go into cardiac arrest and not be here for my child.

A lot of people have asked well what about mag. Mag used to be given to moms over long periods of time but studies have shown it is not good for baby or mom long term. Now they only use it in bolister when going into labor for 20-30 mins to protect baby neurologically. They will also administer in 2-3 trimester at max 12 hrs. Since I've already had my max 12 hours we are in a rough spot. 

Tonight at 6 pm is my last dose of anticontraction meds.. I turn 29 weeks at midnight! I know we will make it to 29 and its so much better than 23.. But we need more time. At this point they have done everything precautionary we can get. I've had my third dose of rescue steriods for pipers lungs. Additionally with all the contracting I didn't dilate that much more and my bag didn't break. So lets pray we can make it past Mother's Day!

 Thankfully, Dr. Gei comes in today and will be on service tomorrow. I fully trust him and he might have another plan of action. But bottom line is I'm the best advocate for my child and my body.. I don't want to be too greedy with cooking time & in the process hurt my daughter or myself. Lets see if my body does.. I believe in the power of pray.

Please pray I don't deliver Piper in the next couple days.. Thanks 

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  1. Great seeing you last night. Got all the invites out. Tell Sandra hello. Looking for your next post.