Outside adventure

Friday I was officially 28 weeks!! It such a milestone and with that milestone comes more privileges like I'm able to get in a wheelchair and go down the hall to see my friends that are patients..they are calling me the floor ambassador! When I hear a new UT patient has been admitted I try and send a note with magazines. I've made a good friend in a similar situation and we started the super c club.
On Friday, the super c club had lunch! I got lunch out of my room!! We went to the sun room on the children's floor. i was so happy to hear children playing and giggling. Made my heart sing!! Each week comes less restraint.. At 30 we get to walk a little more- scares me since my cervix is nothing and gravity!

I also found out I gained more weight which is great for Piper- she's turning into a big girl! The 6 times a day eating is helping piper grow and grow!! On ultrasound day she wouldn't show us her face, she had both arms up and one of her feet kicking the top of the womb! She was like get out of here! We watched her practice breathing sucking in amniotic fluid. Got to see her blink and turn in my belly.

Friday night my mom stayed again to let Nate go home and do errands. He also played golf for the first time in months.. Our agreement was 28 weeks = golf for daddy! Mom shaved my legs for me- which I so greatly appreciate. We watched hgtv and talked.

Saturday-28 weeks 1 day!

Saturday, my mom left and Nate returned. I'm getting so tired of wearing pjs all day everyday so he brought me some of my maternity clothes and some cotton sun dresses. It's nice to get dressed on certain days.

My good friend from work, Missy Miller came to see me and brought me a salad.. Oh I adore her- the salads here suck!!! She made me crack up for a couple hours. After they left Nate rolled me downstairs across the street to the park!! They said I could stay outside longer if I wasn't contracting and laying down. So we took a blanket outside and chilled. I watched kids play, a man juggle, the homeless, squirrels and birds!! I loved every minute of it. After an hour we went back in!! You appreciate nature more when you've been locked down for 30 days!!

In medical news I'm not contracting as much as I was- which means the meds and bedrest are working. They decided if I make it to 32 weeks they will be sending me home for bedrest and Piper will be delivered between 34-36. I will only go home if my cervix behaves.. so lets hope in the next four weeks the super c is super!! There are many reasons I would deliver between 34-36, but the biggest is my health. I'm risk for blood clots being on long term rest. Plus Piper received the steriods. They have discovered between my butt and thigh on my left side is a hemo something- basically a blood blister from the pressure of my whole body and being on bedrest laying on my side. They measured it and marked me (circled to see if it grows). Hoping it doesn't. I alternate sides but definitely favor the left. So if you could pray that I stay healthy as Piper grows longer please!

Well below are pics from Friday and yesterday!!

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