Shower of Love & Transitions

Sunday my fourth grade team threw me a mini shower! They arrived with pink lemonade, yummy crave cupcakes and lots of love!!

Piper was spoiled with clothes, books, a gorgeous sign for her room, a hand knitted blanket and a wonderful gift card to Babies R Us from the Sunshine Club.

It was so thoughtful for them to shower me in love but what got me the most was that they all came! I missed them so very much. It's ridiculous how much I miss my work friends! When you're used to being surrounded by people as a teacher, having constant noise and chatter.. It's extremely hard to adjust to a quiet closed room with limited interaction during the day. I miss having a spot on a team and a job. I miss talking to my team mates. They love me for me, they challenge me to be better, support me and most of all make me laugh till I pee! Even with the limited interaction its in reference to your medical stats.. Thank god I have my nurse god mama Sandra to chat with or I'd lose it!! Sometimes you just want to chat! I loved hearing about my school raising money for Relay for Life and adapting it to be Relay for Recess. I love hearing funny stories about our students and just the dynamics of our group. I miss our lunches and team meetings. I've said it so many times I work with AMAZING people and as much as I want Piper healthy I'm looking forward to next school year!

I'm on hormone supplement daily and than you add being pregnant.. Um yes a little hormonal. So hormonal Saturday Nate accidentally hung up on me and I started crying. I cry at commercials.. And as soon as my team left I cried! I cried. Cried happy tears that they came but sad tears because I don't get to go back with them. And yelled I love you to each one as they walked down the hall! My night nurse just thought this girl has lost her marbles. She's like it's ok.. I told her.. No this place sucks and I miss them! She laughed but it is hard! Bedrest is bad rest as Dr Sibai states!

I've kinda been termed the floor ambassador, when I hear there is a new patient I try to send a note with a magazine or something sweet. My family and friends have greatly supported me in this journey and some are not so fortunate. On top of that it really helps to have people going they the same thing! So today when the docs made rounds they asked what the hardest part of this is.. My partner brought me a pic of my students and its on my bedside table.. I showed her the pic and said I left these kids, I left my pets, I left my job and my friends. I left my whole self! But she meant the transition to living in the hospital and that is the schedule of mess, vitals, tests, rounds. Even if you want to sleep it literally takes 7 days to learn how to in this place. There is constant in and out of your room at night. But also the lack of a daily routine.. So I've tried to establish a daily routine. But even than its hard! Some days are easier.

Thankfully I have wonderful friends and family. From what I hear typically the visitors slow down and drop off but my support system has stayed steady! It means so much to have support when you can't do for yourself. So many people care about my needs and it makes my heart shine. I can't express my gratitude!

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