We get what we get & we don't complain

"We get what we get and we don't complain!" That's the Motto in my class.. Not sure I'm upholding it here in the hospital! 

I can say at midnight I was so ecstatic that we made it to 29 weeks! But as I keep saying I want more time.. Lets get to the 30s!! 

So I was positive again for a UTI, which they think might be caused by the hormonal supplement I have to take every night that is irritating to all the girl parts. But the supplement has shown to help strengthen the cervix and sac so it's a sacrifice I make. I've been on the supplement for over two months and I can't say for sure it's keep Piper in but why change it up now?  A lot of the discomfort I was having this week they think was the uti causing contractions. Plus uti are just fun times anyhow! 

There has been lots of talk of wanting to know what my cervix was. Typcially a vaginal exam is usually needed after contractions but it stimulates the cervix and the docs are basically putting their fingers thru the cervix to see if there is dilation. This is fine if you're term but if you're trying to cook a baby and keep what little cervix you have it isn't the best. Plus it isn't accurate and can cause infection to my membranes. So Dr Gei feels the safest thing to do is an ultrasound as it isn't directly touching the cervix. 

We had an ultrasound today and Piper is now 2lbs and 12 oz.. She has grown alot since the last scan two and half weeks ago at 2 lbs. We are super thankful she is growing and becoming so strong! 

Yet as she grows, my cervix shrinks!! Like I have nothing left. I am totally effaced and showing dilation. In addition, every time my cervix changes or Piper moves (she's still head down having a party there) it causes the bag to also move into the funneling of my cervix. Fortunately I haven't shown any signs of leaking or breaking. Plus we are pretty sure that its been doing this for awhile.. It's just now my cervix is gone.  Dr Gei is pleased with my ultrasound though. So if he is confident so am I! 

From what we've been told painful contractions can cause the bag to break and me to dilate more. So now we sit and wait. I definitely lost all wheel chair privileges.  We pray that the uti was the culprit for the contractions and the next ten days on antibiotics we can just cook.. 

But we are getting nearer is what it is..this is what we get. I can't deny my body is changing and Piper doesn't know better than to push on the cervix. 

I know to some of you, you think you've bought a month and a week.. That's amazing. It is amazing but a 30 weeker will spend a big amount of time in the NICU. We are still facing odds that we wouldn't with a term child. When she comes we have a whole new battle to face. As much as I thank god for letting us get here.. I'm just terrified of the journey my lil one will go thru. I don't mean to sound ungrateful but these cards are hard to deal with. It's especially hard after a week ago I had hope of going home and making it to 32+. Now we are waiting to see when Piper arrives. I wasn't ready for that! 

Please pray and I hope all you mamas have a wonderful Mother's Day! 

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