Pain in back week.. Literally

Well Monday and Tuesday started my cycle of contractions. On Tuesday they got a little closer making me worrisome so I took procardia even though the dr recommended I not due to my accelerated heart rate when on it. I was willing to see how my heart would react to get one more day.. and I did buy time.. But I was still contracting later Tuesday evening so I took it again. Tuesday night was difficult. I felt awful and the contractions- well they are contractions my body hurts. I also learned that My body really can't take the procardia, so we are out of options. They tell me to hydrate, empty my bladder and not bear down during them.. Ok Coach! Got it! Too bad they seem to come all the time now! 

In addition I had this weird pain on my right side high. So they checked my gall bladder, pancreas and liver with blood work and ultrasound. Fortunately they said it is fine. The dr thinks my gall bladder was upset with me from eating alot and being introverted so long. being upside down puts pressure on the organs. So it was a relief.. Had me worried my gall bladder was going to be removed. 

Wednesday was test day.. They went well.. Actually my cervix played nice and it was the best we have ever seen it. The dr actually covered my name and showed the residents and played guess that cervix which no one assumed it was mine. Even though the test was good,  Thing is my cervix is dynamic which means its always changing so they are saying it isn't an accurate length because we have seen what it is really capable of the last 43 days!! All in all I was impressed with the super C! Dr say it was putting on a show and based on my previous lengths they are still cautious. One day it can be long and next it is short and funneling?! 

Yesterday I was still contracting. I typically contract all day every 20-30 mins but than in the evening I will get in a cycle of every ten minutes or less. After Tuesdays episode with my heart rate procardia is totally off the table. 

Yesterday even off the procardia my heart rate got pretty high. So they did an EkG. I'm also not showing signs of DVT which is a blood clot. After the pregnancy I am to get another EKG they said when my fluids return to normal. But the medicine makes me feel so bad.. Literally Tuesday I woke up to my hair soaked and sheets wet! So yesterday freaked me out when off the medication and my heart is still so high! 

It's been a crazy week on the floor too.. Everyone has been running around with their heads cut off!! I've been almost in a constant state of pain due to the contractions. The pain isn't unbearable but where I feel them is low in my groin and in my back.. They are just exhausting. I'm also in pain because Piper is heavier now and she is so low. When I say low they have to put the monitor in my pubic region to find her heart. So I have a lot of pressure from her being low and contracting which pushes her head into my cervix. 

I also started losing my mucus plug :( .. They say she can camp out for awhile but it scares me. I think all the contracting is making it come out.. They say typically it changes the length and dilation of the cervix but Dr Gei said not to check. If so they would be checking daily. He gave me the warning signs of when to check. So we wait and see... This game of constantly waiting. 

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