Roller Coaster Up.. No Down Monday

Yesterday started off like any other day in Room 544. Five am wake up call, shower in less than ten minutes and than back to bed. 5:45 residents comes to check in and around 7 breakfast and rounds begin.  It was routine, uneventful. 

The day progressed like normal, except I was more tired than normal. I tried to nap on and off but couldn't. They were waxing the floor, housekeeping, vitals, change of linens. Finally I was able to nap for 45 mins. After lunch my stomach was super queasy and I got sick. Than around my 3 pm snack I got sick again. I told the nurse and didn't think too much about it. 

Soon after Nate's aunt & cousin arrived. I was feeling cramps and pressure so I requested my contraction meds. As soon as they put me on the monitor I was contracting. Large contractions that we typically don't see. At first they were 7-9 mins apart. We waited for the meds to work. They got closer together. So they started iv fluids. Couple hours in I was having them a minute apart. They ordered me demoral and phenerogone to help stop the contractions. 

I knew the urgency of not having Piper but same time were talking about my child. I didn't want drugs in labor.. I still don't. I don't want my child whose a preemie tone slowed at risk of not breathing ok becuz of these drugs. Also, I was actively contracting.. And it wasn't the pain others described so I didn't want to take the meds so I knew what was happening. I'm also super sensitive to pain meds. I shared all these concerns with Sandra and the dr. They reassured me they could reverse the meds on baby and me. They also agreed to 1/2 a dose first. 

I was hestitant.. But the meds worked. I stopped contracting so close together. Piper got one more night. 

This wasn't a normal day. This snuck up on me. As soon as we get comfortable something happens. They checked me this morning.. I'm effaced but that's new. But I'm dilated also. Luckily it didn't dilate more from the contractions beachside that's common with no cervix. But with what happened last night it's showing my body is preparing for her.. They aren't positive I will make it to 32 now.  Next time it progresses, they will give me another round of steroids and mag before she comes. 

It's upsetting to me becuz we were stable.. We were getting recess. Now we're back to continuous meds, iv and monitoring. 

I'm thankful we made it this far.. But I had that glimmer of hope we'd make it to the 30s. 

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