Friday Night Update

Well Dr Gei came by later Friday afternoon and said he isn't as worried about my ultrasound. We knew my cervix was dynamic and shortening. We obviously wish it was longer but once it shortens it won't lengthen till after baby is out. The  bag is funneling when cervix funnels but they think it might have been doing that the whole time.. I truly believe her sac is strong due to the progesterone  suppository I am on.. Even though it has caused UTI. We just hope everything stays and we don't dilate or water breaks when I contract. But there will be no contractions this weekend- positive thought! 

The biggest concern from the ultrasound was that Piper is the lowest she has ever been. So Dr Gei recommended that I invert my hips as much as possible. Head down and hips up- it's known as trendelenberg. They are hoping it will take pressure off my cervix and buy us more time which I'm all for.. I just hope she stays head down like she is currently! The only downfall is the blood rushing to my head!  

My partner teacher came by yesterday also! She is so sweet and brought Nate and I this amazing basket of goodies. My school even sent teacher appreciation stuff with her! I was so surprised! It was nice after a really hard week! My favorite thing though was the Mother's Day present! She gifted me chevron bracelets that are my fav colors-turquoise and pink!! I can't wait to to wear them with my watch again. I love seeing Brittney becuz it feels natural.. Like life is almost normal! 

I can't even begin to repay her! She has done so much for me being in the hospital and it makes me so thankful! 

Nate also got us Pappas Mexican food which hit the spot when you've been eating cafeteria food for 37 days! 

Additionally, god has opened my eyes.. Being the floor ambassador I meet and hear about other ladies on the floor. We all talk via IM or text. Yesterday made me feel very thankful for making it as far as we have despite our high risk circumstances! To think we were admitted 23 weeks and Piper was 1lb and 5 oz! We are now 29 weeks 1 day with a 2lb 12 oz little girl who is a fighter!! 

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