Wed.. No more cervix measurements! Happy Wedding Dr Haws!

I know its horrible to have favorites. All the UT doctors are amazing and dedicated. But when you see the same doctor daily, you make a connection with that person and are much more comfortable with them. That person for me the last 28 days has been (resident) Dr. Haws. She is my consistency when I see a different head doc daily. Well my nurse Sandra is my consistency also, but she better not leave me :)!! I'd be devastated if Dr Haws and than Sandra was off my service!!

When I first meet Dr. Haws, I thought she was very shy and quiet.. But as time went on I looked forward to her doing her rounds because she don't just talk shop.. Meaning she didn't come in ask me medical questions and run. She would tell me about her shopping excursions, her upcoming wedding and honeymoon or the recent celebrity gossip. It helped take my mind off things. Sandra is also wonderful in helping take my mind off things! In addition she wasn't pretentious like some other doctors. Nate and I both are super comfortable asking her anything about my health. She has been here in stressful times to break the news and than to remind me you're doing great! She recently even said that Piper always looks beautiful and healthy on her monitoring. Best 27 weeker shes seen on monitoring!! Go Piper!! She took a personal interest in my case. So much so she dreamed I delivered Piper and when she delivered her she was 7# 5oz!! She said to me it had to be because I was thinking of you as I left work Friday. That's a dedicated doc! Let's hope the dream is right.

Well Dr Haws is off to get married this Saturday and than off for her honeymoon in Maui.. Nate and I are so jealous of her trip!! We are going to relive it all thru her! Can't wait to hear about her adventures!

As much as I want her to have a beautiful wedding and relaxing honeymoon, it means that I got a new Dr Haws. This morning the new resident came in to do rounds at 5:30 and I was so out of it. So out of it that Nate heard me tell the nurse at my 4am check in "I'm fine, leave me alone". Pregnancy sleep is needed hello?! I finally came too, when the new resident asked if she could turn on a light so i could remember her face.. and I asked are you the new Dr Haws? I didn't tell her that she couldn't replace my favorite doc! But I sure was thinking it! When Dr Haws returns she will be on nights which means she won't make rounds much on my floor unless emergency. But at least if I deliver at night she will be here! It means so much to have a doctor that cares truly for their patients and takes time to explain things. I will miss seeing her every morning! Thankful I have my trusty Sandra during the day, Dr Gei on the weekends and Dr Haws on at the Dr who admitted me from Katy Dr. Refugio (UT too) is on most of the month of May. So if I did deliver I have some one I greatly trust! I admire all the UT docs, you just connect with some more than others.

Today was test day Wed.. But we won't be measuring my cervix anymore. Since I'm almost 28 weeks and my cervix is so short there is a fear of breaking my water. So no more measurements. Which is a good thing and a bad thing.. it means that I'm out of the woods since I'm 28 weeks but it also is scary about the bag breaking. Additionally , we won't see Piper on ultrasound for another two weeks. We do get to hear at least twice daily when they monitor her heart but it stinks we won't see her weekly when they measure. But the thought is the cervix is short and I haven't delivered, so why upset it and send her into labor. I totally understand the logic, just frightening to think its that short that its an actual fear of labor inducing to measure. The tech told me most doctors stop measuring at 24 weeks since that is when a pregnancy is viable. But, many high risk docs like weekly measurements. We did get to see Piper and she is beautiful as always.

After my ultrasound today, I got a wheel chair ride to the park on the tenth floor children's center park. We thought it had real trees but it is faux trees with beautiful glass leaves. I still yearned to go outside so Nate took me outside for my ten minutes. It was so nice to see trees and hear birds and feel the sunlight!!! Ten minutes goes by fast but it was awesome!!

Afterwards, Gemma and Marty brought us lasagna and salad! It was so delicious and we played cards!

My meds are getting more normalized.. I feel better. I can't believe it will be a month Friday and we will be 28 weeks!! Amazing! Third trimester and welcome 7 months!!! It's truly a miracle we have made it this far we are so thankful to have made it past 24 weeks! It's a world of difference for preemies!

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